Slide Rock State Park

Sedona, Arizona

Slide Rock State Park is your Rx for cooling off on a hot Sedona day: Wade across the creek, sit down by rocks where the stream narrows, then let the rushing waters whoosh you down a 70-foot-long rock chute into a deep swimming hole. Slide Rock, a slippery natural chute, is deep within the sandstone cliffs of Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon. Along with several adjacent swimming holes, it’s part of the 43-acre park, which was once an apple farm. Bring snacks and spread out on picnic tables scattered throughout the park or on rock ledges near the creek. Wear river sandals and sturdy shorts to help smooth the few rough spots along the chute.

Last Reviewed
May 2016


6871 N. State 89A
Sedona, AZ




Before you go, call 602/542-0202 for creek closures.