San Diego, California

Monello, a more casual restaurant from the folks next door at Bencotto, is an homage to Italian street food. That means incredibly thin, light pizzas topped with fresh ingredients, a rich homemade spaghetti carbonara, and a delight that owners Guido Nistri and Valentina Di Pietro call the drink of the people: housemade vermouth with 27 herbs and botanicals. Inspired by the city of Milan, the ambience is modern with a touch of medieval, with its Gothic-style wall tiles and painting of Il Duomo. If you go at Aperitivo Hour, your cocktail comes with free small bites like squid ink gnocchi, but the best time to drop in might be brunch, for the cornetti: Italian-style croissants stuffed with fillings such as not-too-sweet strawberry- and-prosecco jam, or chocolate or vanilla custard.

Last Reviewed
July 2015


750 W. Fir St.
San Diego, CA




Closed Mondays.