Hotel Vitale

San Francisco, California

San Francisco's four-star Hotel Vitale is a big deal to be sure: It's the city's first built-from-scratch hotel to open since 2001. But the bigger deal is the restful, contemplative mood the hotel cultivates, with nature-inspired rooms that feature spectacular views, glassed-in limestone showers, and custom bedside tables with river stones underneath glass tops. For those whose culinary curiosity extends even beyond the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market across the street, a copy of Patricia Unterman's San Francisco Food Lover's Guide is in every room. Look high and low for two other favorite features: At street level, Americano restaurant and bar showcases modern Italian cuisine. And on the rooftop, a spa (from $60) offers free yoga for guests, plus outdoor tubs overlooking the bay, yet cleverly tucked away with plantings of bamboo for privacy. Breathe deeply, and relax.

Last Reviewed
May 2015


8 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94105