Dipsea Stairs

Mill Valley, California

Pounded by semi-insane runners every June since 1905, the Dipsea Stairs might be the most storied stairwell in the West. Restored over the last few years, the steps have cowered beneath local legends like the late Jack Kirk (“the Dipsea Demon”), who finished the famed 7.4-mile Dipsea Trail race 67 consecutive times. Even if you’re not one of the 1,500 competitors, you’re welcome to hike, run, or hobble up the shaded 688 steps anytime. Encouraging notes (“Don’t stop now!” “Live life fully!” “Run, Carl, Run!”) embedded in bronze plaques will cheer you on your way up the stairs leading out of Mill Valley.

Last Reviewed
July 2015


Cascade Dr. at Molino Ave.
Mill Valley, CA