Britt's Pickles

Seattle, Washington

In the Corner Market Building’s atrium at Pike Place, Britt’s Pickles sells everything from kimchi and kosher dills to hard-to-find gastronomic pleasures like black garlic and preserved Meyer lemons. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of fermenting foods without the use of heat, sugar, or vinegar, pickle master Britt Eustis ferments his wares in huge oak barrels, using only brine and herbs. This preserves the good-for-you live cultures, he says, which means that, unlike their store-bought counterparts, the pickles are high in vitamins and probiotics. The secret ingredient we love best is the brine from the spicy pickles—you can sample a shot on the spot (it’s not as salty as the commercial stuff), or take it home and add it to a Bloody Mary.

Last Reviewed
May 2015


1500 Pike Place
Seattle, WA