Sunland Cactus Nursery

Desert Hot Springs, California

For most of the journey to this Desert Hot Springs nursery, you’ll be cursing the people (that would be us) who told you about it. You drive down desolate Dillon Road, whose undulations make you feel you’re riding a roller coaster, and begin to worry that you’re nowhere but in the middle of meth country. Then, at last, you spot it—a field of blue-green spiky orbs growing in 24-inch wooden tree boxes—and give thanks to the heavens. “We’ll sell anything to anybody,” co-owner Luis Huerta assures, and that’s what’s remarkable about Sunland: They will indeed sell you cactus in sizes and quantities usually reserved for wholesale nurseries. Hop into Huerta’s golf cart for a tour and you pass sweeps of field-grown golden barrel cactus and rows of containerized palms, agave, and euphorbia, all of them seemingly waiting to be moved from the nursery to your front yard.

Last Reviewed
January 2016


28900 Pushawalla St.
Desert Hot Springs, CA