10 Best Sleeping Pads for Camping

Find the perfect sleeping pad for your next adventure, whether it’s an every-ounce-counts backpacking trip or a luxurious night under the stars

Mandy Ferreira
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Comfort-Loving Minimalist

Dial in the fit so you don’t waste extra space or weight carrying around more than you need. This sleeping pad comes in five sizes, so you can pick the exact width and height you need–no more, no less. Wider air pockets on the edge of the bag help keep you cradled in the middle while built-in insulation will keep things toasty down to 15 degrees.
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Budget Sleeper

A quality sleeping pad can be jaw-droppingly expensive. This compact, lightweight version is at least half the cost of most sleeping pads on the market. It’s also one of the most durable. It’s made from closed-cell foam so you don’t have to worry about leaks or flats while you’re out. The pad folds up like an accordian and straps to the outside of a pack for easy set-up and breakdown. It won’t completely obliviate rocks or leave you feeling like you’re lounging at home, but it is decently comfortable and you can’t beat the price.
3 / 10

Winter Campers

Don’t let a little snow on the ground stop you from camping. This lightweight insulated mat is built to prevent heat from escaping into the ground and instead reflects it back into you to keep you cozy all night long. Dual layers let you dial in the comfort by adjusting the pressure in the top or bottom layer to add extra protection from rough terrain while keeping a soft top. It comes in mummy or rectangular shapes and three lengths so you can get the perfect fit for your height, sleeping bag, and sleeping style. You can also use a mat coupler to create the perfect base for snuggling.
4 / 10

Ultralight Backpacker

This three-season pad boasts superior warmth and comfort per ounce over its peers. It takes up less space than a one-liter bottle when all rolled up and weighs in at less than a pound. Once inflated, the 2.5-inch thick sleeping pad provides excellent cush and comfort.
5 / 10

Cold Sleepers

Perfect for car camping, this 4-inch-thick camping mattress is designed to prevent heat loss and help you feel at home. The insulated mat has extra width so you can sprawl out, and it comes in three sizes: regular, large, and double. While it’s one of the warmest sleeping mats you can find, it’s still perfect for a summer escape.
6 / 10

Adventurous Couple

Side sleepers will rejoice with this cushy sleeping pad. The 3.5-inch loft fills fast with a built-in foot pump. Cozy up in your double bag, plop down your favorite sleeping bags, or bring a sheet and a camp comforter for warmer weather. It also comes in a single size so you can outfit the whole family.
7 / 10

Classic Pad, Enhanced

On the surface this mat looks like the sleeping pad you grew up camping with, but don’t be fooled. This self-inflating pad fills up to a plush 3.5 inches so you can roll around without bumping a hip or elbow into the ground. At a bit over 4.5 pounds, it’s a bit hefty for backpacking, but you can’t beat the comfort for the price or the easy set-up.
8 / 10

Comfy Kids

Perfect for kids who carry their own camping gear (or for parents who have to lug it all), this junior-sized sleeping pad packs down to the size of a soda can and weighs in at less than a pound. The pad has plenty of width for moving around, and the bottom of the pad is durable enough for a night spent outside of the tent. Side rails help keep active sleepers centered on the mat.
9 / 10

Hammock Campers

Upgrade your hanging abode with an insulating outdoor mattress. This mattress is designed to cushion every point between you and the hammock to keep you comfortable all night long. Side wings prevent the mat from shifting and a wide base gives you room to stretch out. Remove the wings and you have mat ready to sleep on the ground. Already have a regular sleeping pad? The Eno HotSpot will help lock it in place.
10 / 10

Luxury Sleepers

This sleeping pad is a cross between a portable mat and a supreme air mattress. The nearly 4-inch thick mat fills most 2-person tents so you can both move around. The pad self-inflates, but you can top it off with the included mini pump to dial in the comfort.