Unable to print a full magazine after the fire, Sunset editors and publishers published a special 8-page message. Download a reprint here.

Sunset  – March 3, 2006

In a greeting from the publishers, the magazine wrote:

“To all Sunset’s Friends, Patrons, and Subscribers, — Greeting: This is to announce that by reason of the recent destruction by fire of the Sunset Magazine offices on April 18th, this Emergency Edition will be the only issue of the magazine for the month of May.

… At the time of the fire the May issue was on the presses. Everything was destroyed except the mailing list, a few manuscripts and contract records. The priceless stock of drawing, photographs and engravings was burned …

“In this one day the accumulation and accomplishment of years were swept away. The fire spread over only about one-sixth of San Francisco’s total area, but destroyed all the central business portion of the city and a large residence district. Business blocks, factories, palatial homes, modern hotels, apartment and lodging houses disappeared.

“In this one day all class distinctions were leveled. And then here the great Lesson of Love was taught, and the best that is in Humankind rose above all pride of place and possessions. That was the flower that blossomed amid the city’s ruins, and for it Glory be. The men and the women and the children forgot all personal loss, forgot their own sorrow in giving joy and comfort, coffee and buns and blankets, smiles and sturdy words of brave sympathy and of glad promise…”

For a reprint of the complete booklet, click here.

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