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From DIY tire swings to vertical gardening's upward mobility, the stories our editors are reading, loving, and sharing this week.

Aislyn Greene  – July 25, 2013

Buy this room with the click of a mouse…

Tending Vertical Gardens –> NYT

“Yes! Glad to see the conversation around vertical gardening getting more sophisticated. They are, in fact, very hard to maintain and keep looking good. We are very excited to be trialing a new product in the test garden. Plantasy, the brain child of Kristel Gramlich, uses a much better moisture-retaining medium than soil. Her product marks the first time that this peat moss sponge is available on a scale for home garden (and indoor) use. I are looking forward to getting the word out there, because I think people are going to be way more successful this way. We have three panels thriving in the garden, and I have one that looks amazing at home. Keep your eyes peeled to the pages of the magazine… these puppies are coming up shortly.”  — Johanna Silver, associate garden editor 

Dream Rooms You Can Buy with the Click of a Mouse –> Pop Sugar Home

“True confession time: I’m horrible at decorating. Not so much when it comes to selecting things that look good, but when it comes to actually decorating a room. That’s why the fantasy of shopping for a designed room, as opposed to individual pieces, holds so much appeal for me – and now that dream can become a reality, thanks to a new interior design venture. MACK allows you to browse designed spaces and shop the entire room or, if you prefer, individual components. Amazing!”  — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, 

Macklemore Films Music Video at Iconic Seattle Hamburger Venue –> Seattle Times

“As a Seattle native, it completely delights me that Macklemore—the local rapper known for his ode to thrift shops—merged city past and present in his new music video. Macklemore and musician Ryan Lewis filmed the video for their song “White Walls” at Dick’s Drive-In, a 60-year-old hamburger institution that somehow still serves $2 burgers (maybe it’s best not to know how they do it…). Thanks to a few “online rumors,” thousands of people showed up to catch a glimpse of the rappers. The best part? Apparently the crowds raining down inspired a new term in journalism circles: Macklemobbed.”  — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor

DIY: Lime-Green Painted Tire Swing –> Gardenista

“Who doesn’t love a touch of childhood whimsy in the backyard? This easy DIY project allows you to accomplish just that, with a cheerful citrus hue that elevates the tire swing from pure childlike glee to stylish and fresh.”  — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, 

Style Nostalgia: The California Dream of the 1960s –> The Atlantic

“We swim! We surf! And we design stylish summer clothing!   This 1960s Montgomery Ward commercial makes California seem like the most fun, most creative place in the world—which, of course, it was and is. (Ok, we do wonder why actress Janis Paige is attending a summer barbeque wearing formal gloves.)” — Peter Fish, editor-at-large

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