Tell us your favorite destinations, hotels, restaurants, wineries, activities, and more in the West!

Monument Valley Travel Awards
Thomas J. Story

Travel in the West has always been exciting, but in recent years (especially with the end of the pandemic), it’s gotten even more inspiring and thrilling! There have been much-anticipated hotel openings, new restaurants, a revival of classic destinations, a plethora of outdoor activities to tackle, an emphasis on wellness retreats, and so much more. The options are endless!

But because there is just so much to do and explore, planning the perfect trip can be an intimidating task. That’s why we want your recommendations on the best of travel in the West to make trip-prep easier and to celebrate the stellar destinations, hotels, restaurants, wineries, activities, and more in this corner of the world. Tell us about those secret spots, exciting newcomers, tried-and-true favorites… we want to hear it all!

The 2024 Sunset Travel Awards are open—we’ll be accepting submissions from March 4 to April 19. Sunset’s editors will judge the entries, and the lucky winners will be honored in our fall Travel print issue, on social media, and in a robust online package. We’ll be including every entrant in a dedicated online travel directory, too. We hope you’ll submit and be a part of this year’s awards. Go to to enter.

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The submissions will be divided into these categories:

  • Where to Go: The best destinations in the West, from bustling cities to quiet mountain towns, beachside getaways, national parks, and everything in between—and beyond.
  • Where to Stay: The high-end hotels, national park lodges, unique inns, glamping sites, and hip B&Bs across the West that are newly opened, newly renovated, or have stood the test of time. If you can sleep there, this is your category.
  • What to Do: The tours, parks, museums and galleries, zoos and aquariums, music venues, festivals of all kinds, wineries, spas, and every other sort of Western amusement you can think of.
  • Where to Eat & Drink: The very best bars and restaurants across the region, from historic diners and rowdy beer halls to James Beard Award–winning establishments and invite-only cocktail bars.
  • How to Get There: The West’s best airlines, train routes, public transport, rental-car agencies, ferries, cruises, bike shares, and other ways to get from point A to point B.

We can’t wait to read all of the submissions. Best of luck!