Tell us what makes a great Western garden, and you could win The Sunset Western Garden Book!

The Great Sunset Western Garden Book Giveaway
Sunset Western Garden Book, available February 2012, is the go-to guide for all things plant-related in the West.


For generations of Westerners, Sunset’s Western Garden Book has been their go-to guide for all things plant-related. But the new 9th edition—entirely revised and redesigned, and filled with thousands of photos—is the ultimate handbook for today’s gardener. To celebrate its release this month, we’re giving away 50 copies to Sunset readers.


  1. Leeta Scott
  2. Laura Wigod
  3. Tiffany Treece
  4. Kimberly Kohler
  5. Sandy Fleischer
  6. John Silliman
  7. Tim O’Rourke
  8. Bill Dunlap
  9. Caroline Franco
  10. Kris Schenck
  11. Peggy Starr
  12. Karen Blackwood
  13. Patricia Campbell
  14. Ray Watkins
  15. C.J. Hummel
  16. Greg Kelley
  17. Corey Lingafeldt
  18. John Valentino
  19. Patricia Varga
  20. Vivian Mizuta
  21. Ray Watkins
  22. Renae Lydum
  23. Karen Waggoner
  24. Sara Holmes
  25. Mollee Franklin
  26. Kari Earle
  27. Margie O’Driscoll
  28. Molly Trautman
  29. Sharon Castaneda
  30. Michelle Karle
  31. Nancy Dyer
  32. Sandra Stafford
  33. Michele E. Mukatis
  34. Shawn Miyake
  35. Jody Eaton
  36. Marina Rubendall
  37. Kalin Ivany
  38. Joanne Butterfield
  39. Jonathan Kinsman
  40. Libby Foucht
  41. Bruce Juenger
  42. Sharon Castaneda
  43. Deana Neve
  44. Janet Geiman
  45. Jeanne Sterken
  46. Jennifer Maldonado
  47. Marion Rosen
  48. Randy King
  49. Karen Hoggatt
  50. Megan Carney



How to enter: Tell us in 75 words or less what you believe makes a great Western garden—and what distinguishes Western gardens from great gardens in other parts of the world. Entries must be sent by email to: [email protected]

Put “contest” in the subject line. Type your entry, 75 words maximum, directly into the body of the email message (not as an attachment). Entries are due by Sunday, February 12, 2012, at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Sunset editors will select 50 winners based on creativity, clarity, and sincerity. Winners will be notified via email by March 7, 2012.

Hint for newcomers to the West: Tell us how moving to the West has inspired you to try new things in your own garden!

For full contest rules, click here.