The Sunset Cookbook contains more than 1,000 recipes selected, retested, and updated from Sunset magazine.

Tell us why you're a great Western cook, and you could win The Sunset Cookbook!

Sunset  – August 31, 2010

With more than 1,000 recipes and 800 pages, the new Sunset Cookbook captures the essence of the fresh cooking style that Sunset has shaped for generations. To celebrate, we’re giving away 50 copies to Sunset readers who love great food (and like to talk about it)!

How to enter: Tell us in 75 words or less what makes you a great Western cook. Entries must be sent by email to: [email protected].

Put “contest” in the subject line. Type your entry, 75 words maximum, directly into the body of the email message (not as an attachment).

Entries are due by Sunday, October 10 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Sunset editors will select 50 winners based on creativity, clarity, and sincerity. Winners will be notified via email by November 2, 2010.

Hint: Tell us what makes your cooking special, and how living in the West influences what and how you cook. Here’s to good eating and good writing!

Rules: For full contest rules, click here.


And the 2010 winners are: 

Alford, Kimberly

Anderson, Debbie

Antolini, Kylie

Aptekar, Jeff

Ausderau, Anne

Bartlett, Jean

Bassin, Kelly

Bell, Andrea

Bicknell, Kara

Button, Mary

Dahlen, Kathleen

Davis, Jennifer

Desberg, Melissa

Downing, Ketti

Ezzell, Sabrina

Guinan, Shelly

Harris, SandraJ

Hines, Leelane

Irwin, Kathy

Johnson, Sherri

Jurkowski, Lea Anne

Keith, Moon

Kelly, Robert

Leckliter, Lydia

Leth, Judy

Levytsky, Susan Moore

Lipsett, Jeffrey

Lyons, Karen

Meader, Melissa

Miller, Pamela

O’Connell, Michele

Porter, Brad and Sandy

Richardson, Claire

Sabo, Laura

Shull, Dot

Siger, Jessica

Sipe, Rick

Skoglund, Erik

Smith, Cheryl

Stewart, Julie

Teske, Linda

Thornber, Andrew

Tomic, Erin

Visser, Nano

Vorkoeper, Steve

Walvoord, Monica

Zabinsky, Guinevere