Bulgur Wheat BreadBy wpMake this recipe in an automatic 1 1/2-lb. bread machine. For crispest crusts, let bread cool, then reheat on a rack in a 350° oven for 5 to 10 minutes.
Norwegian Beet SaladBy wpA beet salad that Sunset reader Anore Jones enjoyed on a trip to Oslo inspired this crisp, fresh version she created in her California kitchen. And as a native Alaskan, she likes to cook a caribou roast to go with the salad.
Cider ChickenBy wpLike many French classics, Normandy-style chicken is known for its lavish sauce. Yet it can retain surprisingly rich character even when the sauce is adjusted to meet low-fat criteria. The secret, an unlikely ingredient, is cooked breakfast cereal. It adds more flavor than cornstarch, and the sauce retains its texture with long cooking better than a cornstarch-thickened sauce
Braised Lamb with Asparagus and TarragonBy wpTheir act is a bit like the good cop-bad cop routine. Asparagus is sweet, fresh, and clean-tasting--delicate. Tarragon is racy, aggressive, and prone to take over--bold. Together, they're a classic, with each bringing out the finest in the other. The effect is best when the tarragon is fresh. Unlike the dried herb, which has an aniselike intensity fresh tarragon can be used with a free hand.
Salsa VerdeBy wp

Use this Brazilian salsa with Churrasco Misto (separate recipe).

BriocheBy wpMake this recipe in a 1 1/2-lb automatic bread machine.
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