Cranberry MimosasBy wpNotes: For a nonalcoholic version, substitute sparkling water for the sparkling wine.
Classic PestoBy wpNotes: This all-purpose pesto is great to mix with pasta, hot cooked green beans, potatoes, and asparagus; brush it over chicken, shrimp, or pork, and stir it into salad dressings and soups. Pesto darkens rapidly when exposed to air. You can cover the pesto airtight (press plastic wrap directly onto surface) or cover surface with a little extra olive oil. Store up to 1 day in the refrigerator. Or spoon into ice-cube trays, press plastic wrap onto surface, and freeze; when solid, pop cubes from trays and store airtight for up to 6 months in the freezer. Thaw before using. If surface darkens, just stir to blend.
Herb BiscuitsBy wpNotes: Use any combination of fresh herbs (or all one kind, such as chives). If you are cooking for children who would be put off by green-speckled biscuits, omit the herbs; the biscuits are also delicious plain.
Vietnamese Subs (Bahn Mi)By wpThese Vietnamese sandwiches take advantage of leftovers from dinner, but you can use different fixings to make Mexican tortas, Italian panini, or American deli sandwiches.
Molten Chocolate-Caramel CakeBy wpNotes: To have a molten center, this cake should be served immediately, while it's warm. It still has a delicious fudgy texture, though, if made (up to 1 day) ahead; cool cake completely, wrap loosely in plastic wrap, and store at room temperature. Reheat in a 300° oven for 10 minutes just before serving.
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