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Ultimate Gin & Tonic

1 Servings

Chef José’s favorite gin & tonic takes a citrus-forward approach to the cocktail. The tropical aroma of Kaffir lime leaves from Thailand is perfect for a summer sunset.

Ultimate G&T by Chef Jose Andres at SLS Beverly Hills

Chef José Andres
 1.75 oz Hendrick's gin
 200 ml Fever Tree Indian tonic water (1 bottle)
 1 lime wheel
 1 lemon peel
 3 juniper berries
 1 lemon verbena sprig or Makrut lime leaf
 1 micro marigold flower

Pour gin over ice (preferably a single large ice cube). 


Arrange the garnish on top of the ice cube, rolling the Makrut leaf or smacking the verbena sprig to add aroma.


Top with tonic water to taste (José recommends filling tonic to just below the surface of the ice cube).

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