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Phin Bar’s Traditional Vietnamese Coffee

Phin Bar Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Thomas J. Story
 12 g coarsely ground coffee (we use Taylor Lane’s Red Rooster French Roast)
 1 fl oz condensed milk or Pandan Coconut Condensed Milk
 coffee phín [5 oz]
 pint glass
 cocktail shaker
 highball glass

Put the coffee grounds in the phín, place the press on the grounds and apply light pressure, then set the phín atop the glass. Pour on 1 oz. boiling water to pre-steep the coffee, and wait 1 minute to let the coffee bloom. (All photos by Thomas J. story.)

Phin Bar Pour Over


Fill the phín to the top with boiling water, then cover with lid. Wait 5 minutes for the coffee to drip through—you should have about 5 oz. of coffee in the glass. (If it drips through too fast, there might not be enough coffee or it may be ground too coarsely. If it’s too slow, the grind could be too fine or the press too tight.)

Phin Bar Coffee Dripping Through a Phin


Put the glass in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. When it’s cool, remove and add 1 oz. condensed milk. Put about 1⁄4 cup of ice in a cocktail shaker—the bigger and denser the ice cubes, the better. Seal the shaker onto the glass, and shake 3–5 seconds.

Coffee in a Cocktail Shaker


Strain iced coffee into a highball glass filled with ice (denser and bigger cubes = better) and serve with a straw.

Phin Bar Vietnamese Iced Coffee