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Halibut Tacos with Fire and Fruit Yellow Tomato Salsa

Serves 4

  Fire and Fruit Yellow Tomato Salsa
 1 pound halibut steaks
  Olive oil
  Freshly ground black pepper
  Fresh lemon zest
  16 warm corn tortillas
  Cilantro sprigs
Step 1

Make salsa, cutting tomatoes in thin wedges. Prepare a charcoal or gas grill for high heat (450° to 550°; you can hold your hand 5 in. above cooking grate only 2 to 4 seconds).

Step 2

Meanwhile, rub halibut with olive oil and salt, pepper, and lemon zest to taste.

Step 3

Grill halibut, turning often, until no longer translucent in center. Transfer to a platter.

Step 4

Break fish into chunks, then tuck into tortillas, using 2 tortillas per taco. Spoon salsa over fish and tuck in cilantro sprigs.

Nutrition Facts

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