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Christmas Charcutertree

Prep Time
20 mins

Meg Quinn has been recognized on Instagram for her charcuterie skills, runs the blog Ain’t Too Proud To Meg, and is releasing a cheeseboard deck full of her favorite charcuteries. For the holiday season, she has shared with us the Charcutertree. Grab your friends and family and gather around the Charcutertree.

Charcuterie Christmas tree

Courtesy of Meg Quinn

 16 oz colby jack cheese (cubed)
 12 oz blackberries
 4 oz peppered salami (folded)
 4 oz Italian dry salami (folded)
 8 oz havarti (cubed)
 5 oz Castelvetrano olives
 4 oz Calabrese salami (folded)
 4 oz sharp cheddar (cubed)
 6 oz raspberries
 11 pretzel sticks
 8 oz provolone (sliced)
 rosemary sprigs
 star cookie cutter
 snowflake cookie cutter (optional)

Cut out your provolone into stars and snowflakes with cookie cutters.


On a vertically-oriented rectangular board, start with a line of colby as the base. Then add lines of blackberries, peppered and Italian salami, Havarti, olives, Calabrese, cheddar, and raspberries with each layer getting more narrow to resemble a Christmas tree.


Add pretzel sticks to the bottom of the tree to resemble a tree trunk.


Decorate the tree with the small cheese stars and garnish with rosemary.


Add a large star cut-out to the top of the tree and decorate the board with cheese snowflakes.