The New Sunset Western Garden Book story ideas

Story Ideas
Written by Johanna Silver

This spring Oxmoor House will release The New Sunset Western Garden Book (Feb. ’12), the gardening bible Western gardeners have depended on for 80 years. Completely updated, redesigned and featuring brand-new elements, this ninth edition includes 2,000 full color photographs and a 9,000-plant encyclopedia, an enhanced “Plant Finder” searchable by zipcode and climate zone (with 1,000 new plants), and the latest knowledge on issues like climate change and water conservation. And for forward-thinking gardeners, Sunset’s editors offer up creative gardening projects and ideas, all in a new, more durable flexible binding.

With its finger on the pulse of the hottest trends in gardening, the pages of this book are chock full of inspiring story ideas. A few of our favorites include:

  • Garden everywhere and anywhere: tabletops, living walls, urban canyons, traffic medians, civic spaces, small spaces, balconies and window boxes
  • Every Good Gardeners’ Secret: Know your microclimate
  • Go Local: Create a sense of place—and set yourself up for success!—by growing regional gardens that celebrate your own climate zone, using the West’s most iconic native plants
  • Cool gardening projects: how to grow an oak from an acorn, create tea gardens and make herb tea, grow succulents on a table, create a living foot stool
  • Garden as Grocery Store: Edible gardens that feature unique heirloom varieties and unusual plants that are hard to find in grocery stores but easy to cultivate in your own backyard.
  • Speak with garden editor Kathy Brenzel about the hottest gardening trends and issues


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