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Disclaimer: We want you to have fun using our software and building your deck however, we care about your safety. Carefully read the following Disclaimer and Disclosure. You may proceed only if you have read this information and agree to the terms. The suggested design is a construction guide and is NOT a finished building plan. It is your responsibility to verify its accuracy, completeness, suitability for your particular site conditions, and compliance with local building codes and practices. DIY Technologies and Fiberon assumes no responsibility for any damages, including direct or consequential, personal injuries suffered, or property or economic losses incurred as a result of the information published on the web site, Fiberon web site, or Deck Specification Kit. Before beginning the project, review the instructions carefully. We cannot anticipate all of your working conditions or the characteristics of your materials and tools. For your safety, you should consider your own skill level and use caution, care and good judgment when following the instructions. If you have doubts, concerns or questions, consult local experts, architects, soil engineers or building authorities. Because local zoning and building codes and regulations vary greatly, you should ALWAYS CHECK WITH LOCAL AUTHORITIES TO ENSURE THAT YOUR PROJECT COMPLIES WITH ALL APPLICABLE CODES AND REGULATIONS. Always read and observe the instructions and safety precautions provided by any tool or equipment manufacturer, and follow all accepted safety procedures. Be sure to follow the deck construction and guidelines carefully. You are responsible for ensuring that all measurements are correct. Due to size, shape, location or other considerations, your design may require supporting structures, such as knee braces and bridging between joists, that are not included on the materials list and other information provided. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT YOUR DESIGN IS SAFE AND STRUCTURALLY SOUND FOR ITS SIZE, LOCATION AND ANTICIPATED USE. You are also responsible for verifying that the design and any substitutions or modifications you make meet all local building codes and regulations. DIY Technologies and Fiberon or any of its related parties assume no liability or responsibility for your design, construction or use of any product supplied by DIY Technologies and YOU ASSUME TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR YOUR USE OF THE DIYONLINE.COM WEB SITE, THE FIBERONDECKING.COM WEB SITE, AND DECK SPECIFICATION KIT. DIYONLINE.COM PROVIDES THE SITE, ALL INFORMATION, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES “AS IS” AND DOES NOT MAKE EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR ENDORSEMENTS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.) You understand that it is your responsibility to check any and all codes associated with deck construction. It is also your responsibility to obtain any deck construction permits as required by city, county, or state agencies. Fiberon Installation guides found on supercede and replace any installation guidance found within this specification kit. Note: It is recommended that joist that meet on top of beams should be spliced with gussets.