10 Best Travel Beauty Kits

Pack and primp with these jet-set collections to match your skincare needs and your travel destination

Allison Young
1 / 10

Power Trio

Sea air and altitude can take their toll on your skin. This kit has you covered with its Ocean Cleanser, Atmosphere Protection Cream, and Sea Minerals Mist, a threesome of bestsellers packed with star ingredients like antioxidant-rich organic seaweed and macadamia seed oil.
2 / 10


“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” That’s the motto behind this organic line made of wild-crafted herbs, plants, and seeds. So whether you’re touring Napa Valley or an organic farm hotel in Albuquerque, your skin will eat up the beautifying ingredients in this four-piece skin set.
3 / 10

No-Sweat Solution

Hitting up Coachella or Wanderlust? Tote this on-the-go groomer that works wonders in heat or post-workout. The no-rinse body wash cleanses, the shower sheets refresh, the muscle recovery gel chillaxes, and the body mist makes everything smell divine. And it’s all packed in a sustainably-sourced cotton bag.
4 / 10

Miracle Worker

Essential oils don’t just smell good, they can ease jetlag, boost your mood, bolster your immune system, heal boo-boos, and even aid in digestion. In short, they’re a total travel game changer. This eight-piece aromatherapy survival kit covers all of the above—and includes bonus breath mints.
5 / 10

Spa in a Bag

If you’re going to the spa or just wish you were, this eight-piece set can take you there. Filled with all you need for a facial, anti-aging skin treatment, moisturizing body treatment, and muscle-melting massage, it’s no surprise a master herbalist, esthetician, and artisanal perfumer created this botanical bag of bliss.
6 / 10

3-Ounce Treasures

Checked luggage, as if! If you’re a carry-on only type of traveler, pack this simple four-piece skincare kit. Made by an herbalist in the Pacific Northwest, the multipurpose products cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, and protect against UVA/UVB rays, plus the lavender grains double as a mask.
7 / 10

Campsite Care

Whether you’re pitching a beachside tent or a teardrop trailer, roughing it doesn’t have to be rough on your skin. This smell-good combo of sugar scrub, hand sanitizer, skin balm, lip repair, moisturizer, and aromatherapy spray turns outdoorsy travel luxurious.
8 / 10

Garden Gems

From the glass packaging to the botanical ingredients, this travel kit is 5-star—and full service. It contains makeup remover, herbal cleanser, aloe mist and moisturizer for your face, plus lavender rub and softening salve for travel-weary muscles, hands, and feet.
9 / 10

Custom Regimen

Choose your own adventure and products with this kit. The customized five-piece set caters to your complexion type, so you can luxuriously cleanse, tone, hydrate, and moisturize whether you have dry, sensitive, or oily skin. Think of it as a personalized travel agent for your pores.
10 / 10

Master Moisturizer

Air travel can suck the moisture out of your skin and hair, leaving both looking dull and dehydrated. This moisture-boosting lineup is here to help. Between the shampoo, conditioner, hair milk, body wash, and body milk, all infused with nourishing botanicals and essential oils, you’ll look oh so hydrated and refreshed.