10 Must-Have Natural Beauty & Body Products

From a genius moisturizer to a calming muscle soother to CBD-infused lip balm, you’ll want to stock your makeup bag with these natural beauty and body products

Allison Young
1 / 10

Versatile Wonder

When in doubt, reach for this multi-tasking staple. The organic soap not only works for your face, body, and hair, but also you can brush your teeth with it and even wash your dishes. It’s that good. But best of all, just a squirt can turn your shower into a peppermint wonderland. Tingly good!

2 / 10

Moisturizer A-Go-Go

Small but mighty, the tiny tube packs in 28 natural oils and plant extracts, including jojoba oil, mango butter, beeswax, and rosemary extract for a rich moisturizer that absorbs surprisingly fast. Coat your body in it after the shower, keep it handy for dry hands—and don’t be surprised if your other half swipes it.

3 / 10

All the Feels

Stick it to dry patches with this almighty multi-stick. It's packed with medicinal herbs and natural moisturizers: Organic olive oil hydrates, beeswax protects, vetiver root oil heals, and geranium oil soothes. It not only de-chaps lips, hands, and elbows, it doubles as a highlighter and brow smoother, plus the packaging is compostable.

4 / 10

Skin Rescue

Keep skin calm and carry on with this complexion soother and smoother. The star ingredient here is blue tansy oil, a serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to dial down redness and relieve troubled spots. Paired with fruit enzymes and white willow bark to slough off dead skin cells, you have a match made in skin heaven.

5 / 10

Ache Elixir

When too many yoga classes and hiking trails take their toll on muscles, reach for this homeopathic remedy. Armed with arnica—a natural muscle chillaxer and pain reliever that can also banish bruises and swelling—and warming clove oil, it’s like a massage in a jar.

6 / 10

Oh-So Soft

Why choose between a sugar or salt scrub when you can have the best of both worlds? This yummy-smelling scrub is loaded with Pacific sea salt and fair trade sugar, plus exfoliating papaya, for a soft skin finish with a kiss of citrus.

7 / 10

Body Balm

Dry hands and feet are the worst, especially when flaking and cracking happen. Turn sandpaper skin smooth with this organic balm, a concentrated blend of avocado oil, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E, and peppermint to add pep back into your skin’s step.

8 / 10

Haute Hydration

In case you were wondering what’s inside, ingredients are listed smack dab right on the package: organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and organic juniper essential oil. The only surprise here is how well this moisturizing foursome works (so well) and how good it smells (woodsy!).

9 / 10

Blissed Out

Sure, this lip saver is stacked with natural nourishers like shea butter, cacao butter, kokum butter, and jojoba oil—proven moisturizers that can revitalize a parched pucker. But it’s the hemp-derived cannabidiol, with anti-inflammatory and calming properties, that make it next-level. The pretty packaging doesn’t hurt either.

10 / 10

Shower Upgrade

Wake up and smell the…rosemary and lemongrass! Even better than roses, the invigorating scent will stimulate the senses and get your mind moving, while the natural, nourishing ingredients will revitalize skin. Just a smidge will do it!