10 Serene Yoga or Meditation Room Ideas

Tools and tricks to set up your space to facilitate finding your inner zen

Allison Young
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Choose a Low-Traffic Area

The last thing you want when you’re meditating is people walking in and out. Pick a nook or corner that’s quiet, cozy, and makes you feel good; consider establishing it near a window if natural light is your thing. For even more solace, partition it off with a curtain or room divider.

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Create a Focal Point

Ground your space with a centerpiece that brings you back to your center. It could be an altar, wall art, framed quote, vision board, or Buddha statue. Essentially, you want an object or saying that brings out your inner peace, not your monkey mind.

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Scent the Space

Scents can take you places. Whether you use an oil diffuser, candle, smudge stick, or incense, the right aroma can create a meditative state of mind. This handmade incense pack includes wild rose, lavender, chamomile, red cedar, and more so you can find your spirit scent.

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Match Lighting to Your Mood

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. For morning yoga, bright, natural light can awaken the senses. For meditation, soft light can create a calming atmosphere. Not only does this crystal lamp dim for a soothing glow, it’s made of selenite, believed to stabilize your mood.

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Sit Pretty

Yes, this stylish velvet meditation cushion elevates the look of your zen space, plus it elevates your pelvis for improved posture and better blood flow to your legs and feet. Translation: You can sit comfortably for longer. Keeping it out acts as a visual cue to practice.

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Roll out Your Mat

Not all yoga mats are created equal. The ones that crinkle and buckle won’t do your downward dog any favors. This mat, made from sustainably harvested tree rubber, is nonslip, nontoxic, and reversible, with a smooth and grippy side, so you can match your surface to your flow.

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Prop It with Comforts

Yoga props can help your practice. Striking a pose with a yoga block can improve balance and alignment while a rolled up blanket can support your back, hips or neck for an even deeper stretch.

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Wire It for Sound

Sound can physically alter the connections in your brain, switching your mind from fight-or-flight to a relaxation response. Cue up your iPod with nature sounds, or play Tibetan singing bowls and get the added sound vibrations.

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Facilitate Good Vibes

Turn up the feel-good volume by adding soul soothers like crystals, plants, a journal—tools to help you connect with yourself. This crystal box contains blue kyanite, soladite, citrine, clear quartz, and pink Himalayan Salt Rock for healing energy and positive vibes.

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Use a Mantra

A mantra is a sacred sound or saying that can help you stay centered—and can range from “sat nam” (truth identified) to “I am enough.” Repeating your mantra can keep your mind from wondering—and mala beads help you keep count.