L’Oreal’s wearable tech might look like nail art, but it’s so much more

L'Oreal UV Sense
Courtesy of L'Oreal

If you’re worried about how much time you spending in the sun, there’s a gadget in the works that’s made for you.

Announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, the
L’Oreal UV Sense
is a battery-free wearable that sits on a thumbnail to sense ultraviolet exposure in real-time. The little device connects to an app to warn wearers of too much sun exposure through friendly reminders and additional information about sun protection. At only nine millimeters wide, the device itself can hold three months’ worth of exposure data.

L’Oreal previously came out with the My UV Patch in 2016, a stretchable skin sensor, that delivered similar data. However, feedback that wearers wanted something smaller with longer wear (the patch only lasted days, while the new UV sense can last weeks) and more real-time insights led to the launch of the smaller UV Sense. Turning it from a colorful skin patch to a nail piece not only makes it more discrete, but also enhances what beauty products can offer in terms of personal health.

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The Sense is about to be available for you to try this summer—at least, at limited locations. L’Oreal brand La Roche-Posay will have the Sense available at select dermatological partners (to be announced soon), with a global rollout coming in 2019.