Your Guide to Healing Stones and Crystals

Whether you’re looking to meditate, manifest, or motivate, there’s a crystal for that

Allison Young
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Rock On

Yes, crystals can add color, sparkle, and shine to your home. (Want proof? See Instagram.) But the high-vibe rock stars are more than just a pretty face. Used for thousands of years for their healing, energizing, and detoxifying properties, crystals can boost your mood, help you get to sleep, and even neutralize negativity.

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Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love

The pink-hued crystal is for more than romance. “Good for the heart chakra, it’s also a very calming stone,” says Julianna Davis, crystal healer, reiki master, and owner of Auralux in Los Angeles. She suggests holding it in your hand or meditating with it.
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Clear Quartz for Healing

Known as the master healer, the colorless stone is associated with your seventh chakra (the crown of your head). High-vibe on its own, it may be even better paired up: “If you put clear quartz with any of your other stones, it will amplify the energy of that stone,” says Davis.

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Carnelian for Emotional Clutter

“Self-cleansing and good for emotional balancing--I highly encourage people going through emotional stuff to have carnelian on them,” says Davis. Fierce and fiery, the red-orange rock is also believed to boost confidence, creativity, and self-expression—kind of like a supportive BFF.

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Amethyst for Self-Growth

Known as “nature’s tranquilizer,” the lavender rock can enhance intuition, silence anxiety, and even help with sleep. “Amethyst is a really great stone for people who are meditating, opening up their crown and third eye chakra, and looking to connect with the spiritual realm,” says Davis.

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Green Calcite for Transformation

Just as green represents growth in nature, emerald-colored gems are believed to promote balance, change, and personal growth. “Green calcite is an overall healing stone that’s really great for stress relief, depression, anxiety, and calming down the energy,” adds Davis.

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Citrine for Manifesting and Empowerment

Like a happiness coach in your corner, the golden-toned stone is there to cheer you on, supporting mental clarity, personal power, and optimism. “Associated with the solar plexus chakra, the bright stone is also good for manifesting and intention-setting,” adds Davis.

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Blue Kyanite for Better Communication

Having trouble speaking up for yourself? This blue stunner (second from right) could help. “It’s an overall energy cleanser, but it also helps to empower your voice,” says Davis. No wonder it’s associated with the throat chakra.

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Black Tourmaline for Eliminating Negative Energy

Like the Black Panther of gems, this one will protect you from the ultimate bad guy: negative energy. “Black stones are good for bringing up that earth energy into your body and grounding you,” says Davis, who suggests keeping tourmaline around your desk or home to suck up any bad juju.

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Selenite for Rebalancing

Feeling stuck? Reach for selenite. Like a lightning rod for positivity and letting go, the white or transparent crystal is used to cleanse negative energy and remove blockages. “I recommend selenite to be in everybody’s home,” says Davis.