10 Cool Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated on the Go

Take on the trails, sweaty gym sessions, and all-day meetings with these sustainable water bottles by your side

Mandy Ferreira
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Strong Work Ethic

You don’t have to worry about unpronounceable chemicals or weird tastes with this wide-mouth glass bottle from Soma. A soft silicone sleeve makes it easy to hold onto, even during a sweaty spinning class. The bamboo cap adds eco-cred and some style points so it’s dressed up enough for the office and hard working enough for the rest of your day.

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Long-Haul Hydration

You won’t go thirsty on your adventure with this big insulated bottle. The straw lid makes it easy to sip while hitting the ascents or navigating a new city. The wide mouth and extra space fit most backcountry water filters and plenty of ice cubes.

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Travel Companion

Drink straight out of any tap or from the stream alongside your campsite with this collapsible water bottle. The built-in filter removes microorganisms and unpleasant taste so you can safely quench your thirst anywhere. The bottle is also available in a 1-liter size for longer trips.

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Fitness Fanatic

This classic sustainable sipper looks fresh even longer thanks to a recent upgrade. The new powder coat finish is up to 4x more durable and chip-resistant than the previous version. A spill proof, BPA-free sports cap and slim size make it perfect for hitting the gym or taking your workout outside. You can bring the durable bottle everywhere without worry thanks to its lifetime guarantee.

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Happy Camper

Sure, you could pack up the whole kitchen for a car camping trip, but why not bring the Elevation 20 and leave the french press, cocktail shaker, and water bottle at home. Customize your tumbler with different lids and attachments to transform the insulated stainless steel vessel into whatever you need. Even when you’re not at camp, the Elevation 20 is perfect for keeping drinks hot or cold for hours so you never have to be without your favorite drink.

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Inspiration Infusion

Brew up a steaming mug of coffee or tea or simply drop in some fresh fruit for tasty water to get you through the rest of the day. This wide-mouthed stainless steel water bottle is wrapped in stylish bamboo, and it keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24.

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Yogi’s Choice

Daydream about sneaking away for a little retreat with S’well’s graphic bottles. The insulated, triple-walled stainless steel keeps your water cold through the entire 90-minute heated power yoga class and won’t create a single drop of condensation. When you’re all done you can toss it in your bag without worry or fill it up with hot tea to keep the chill vibes going.

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Downhill Dynamite

Bomb down the muddiest hills, take on the winter bike commute, or hit the streets with this bottle fit for every bike adventure. The BPF, BPS-, and BPA-free bottle has an integrated cap to keep the grime out and a spill-proof valve that makes it easy to drink while shredding. Fill up the insulated version to stay cool on hot rides or to keep your water from freezing while you fat bike through the snow.

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Ultralight Backpacker

Leave the funky-tasting tablets and UV devices at home. This bottle filters water in seconds to remove pathogens like Giardia, heavy metals, and unwanted flavors without sucking, squeezing, or waiting. Each purifier cartridge can be used 300 times before it needs to be replaced, so you don’t have to worry about running out of filtration in the middle of a through hike or extended trip. Don’t need all out, drink-even-the-murkiest-water hydration? Swap out the purifier for a tap filter.

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National Park Love

This bottle is right at home in the West’s best national parks. In addition to keeping your liquids cold on every adventure, this bottle’s sales support trail restorations, cleanups, and invasive plant removal in National Parks throughout the U.S.