10 Surefire Wedding Color Palettes

Your color palette should complement the theme and style of your wedding. We rounded up some of the most popular color schemes to inspire your big day

Dobrina Zhekova
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Jewel Tones

“Rich jewel tones always work well together, especially if you stay in a certain color family. Sunset tones, like red, pink, peach, and purple, look gorgeous bunched together and blend nicely for an almost ombré style. Dianthus blossoms in fuchsia and plum look lovely paired with pink and burgundy peonies,” says Danielle Gonzalez of Blooms by the Box.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: A vineyard-inspired celebration.
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Black and Gold

"Black and gold are making a reappearance, but not necessarily in the loud, glitzy way you'd expect,” says Kylie Carlson of The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. “Subtle touches of black keep the palette from being too overwhelming, especially for a spring or summer wedding. Gold-trimmed accents allow ordinary decor elements to shine — literally! Bonus points if you choose gold-based bubbly to serve."

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: A Roaring 20s-inspired affair.
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“Neutrals are a no-brainer, but keep them from getting washed out by pairing a lot of different textures together. Hydrangeas are lush and soften any look, so add some dimension with cascading orchids. Bring it all together with cream and blush spray roses for a touch of color,” suggests Gonzalez.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: A classic, formal summer celebration at a country club or ballroom.
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50 Shades of Blue

"One of the top trend alerts for summer is all about blue. Think varying shades that make for a beautiful gradient, like powder blue and navy. A focus on pastels that's juxtaposed with stand-out pops of a darker shade will really draw the eye in soft light without seeming too harsh. Keeping your palette in the same color family looks incredible with metal accents mixed in,” adds Carlson.

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Soft Pink, White, and Gray

Soft pinks and whites have always been a wedding classic, but we’re seeing brides be a lot more experimental when it comes to incorporating texture into their bouquets. Flowers like pink peonies and white ranunculus are sweet and romantic. Аdd some edge and gray tones with white scabiosa and brunia,” says Gonzalez.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: A boho bash that’s elegant and formal with a touch of the unexpected and wild.
6 / 10

Gold and Green

“Elegant gold can totally pair well with orange, green, white, and rattan if done correctly. Everything about this feels like an elegant summer event —warm, inviting, and comfortable,” suggest Vikki and Shannon from All You Need Is Love Events.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: A daytime or brunch-style wedding.
7 / 10

White and Magenta

“A palette of neutral whites with accents of medium pink to magenta is the perfect combination for an event that wants a little pop while still maintaining an elegant feel.  It screams fun, but remains chic and stylish,” says Nora Sheils, owner of NW Based Bridal Bliss.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: An outdoor or tented reception, or an urban warehouse vibe.
8 / 10

Orange and Navy Blue

“Sophisticated blue mixed with the vibrant tones of orange creates an updated and elegant color combo. Blue and orange are complementary colors, which means they are opposite each other on the color wheel. Mixing them together allows the dynamic warm tones of orange to offset the cool tones of blue for a perfectly beautiful combination,” explains Patricia Sweatte of Mysty and Bella Designs.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: A fall wedding, hands-down.
9 / 10

Yellow and Turquoise

“Soft pastels and neutrals have had their day in the spotlight in the last few years ...it’s time for some color! For a whimsical summer wedding with a touch of rustic elegance, pop bright citrus colors into turquoise. It’s fresh, light, bright and unique,” says Danielle Aspromatis, owner of d’Luxe Events.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: Any rustic or down-to-earth reception, such as one held on a farm.
10 / 10

Navy and Blush

“Navy and blush is a classic color combination that pairs well with gold metallics for a sophisticated, modern palette. The colors balance each other out with the pink bringing romance and softness to masculine blues,” explains Euri Wong, Lead Designer at Bloominous.

  • Best wedding theme for this palette: Classic, romantic, and modern weddings.