These Two Said Their Vows Under One of Portland’s Most Famous Bridges

How one couple made a famed Northwest bridge the perfect wedding backdrop

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The Perfect Location

Krista is from Portland, Ian is from San Diego, but they met at school in Portland… So when they started to plan their dream day for their vows, they wanted to bring their friends + family to the place where everything started — where they fell in love. It doesn’t get much more unique, or romantic (for that matter), than getting married under one of Portland’s most famous bridges: St. John’s Bridge. Ever dedicated to the cause, the duo camped out overnight (in the middle of winter!), to secure their spot at Cathedral Park… And it was 100% worth it!
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The Inspiration

Krista shares: I drew inspiration from so many different sources and styles. I really wanted to keep some traditional elements, without getting tied down to what you’re “supposed” to do. The hardest part about wedding planning for me was combining the different style inspirations into one cohesive concept. Luckily, Ian and I have pretty similar styles so it was easy to incorporate both of our tastes. A huge part of making the day feel like ours was the music selection. We both wanted a very specific feel, music-wise, so together, we chose the entire music playlist from pre-ceremony ’til end of the night. We also added unique touches, like Ian’s green suit and DIY cake stands. Now, in case you’ve never seen St. John’s Bridge (and even for those that have!), prepare to be in absolute awe from these captures by Taylor Bartram Photography!
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A Stunning Backdrop

I’m sure you can understand why they picked this location… How amazing is that architecture + framing?!
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Little Moments

It’s all in the details.
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Ceremony and Beyond

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