12 Ideas for the Perfect Camping-Inspired Wedding

Camping-themed weddings are having a moment! Here’s how to throw the ultimate outdoorsy wedding filled with nostalgic nods to childhood camping memories

Dobrina Zhekova
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Pitch a Stylish “Tent”

“We constantly try to inspire couples to think outside of the box at the farm, and always encourage unexpected design elements,” says Chari Bird, owner and creative director of Wolf Feather Honey Farm +the Intrepid Wild and lead designer of Wolf Feather Honey Interiors. “Adding cool and stylish al fresco lounges with rustic elements into your decor scheme will always give your guests a chance to relax in the cool open air during the day and under the stars at night, but adding a giant stick tipi covered in foraged greenery to the mix adds an extra surprise that guests of all ages will really enjoy!”

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Opt for Down-Home Dining

“When you think of camp-themed weddings, you think of fun! There’s so much creativity that you can enjoy because there’s less pressure to bring perfection into each detail like you would when hosting a black-tie formal wedding, so have fun with it! Providing a relaxed picnic meal and blanket seating is the perfect way to bring a laid-back, outdoorsy vibe into the mix,” adds Bird.

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Align the Accommodations

“There’s no better way to host a camping-themed wedding than by inviting everyone to actually camp out. Why have everyone hang out for one day, when they can all come camp for the weekend? This extends the wedding celebration across multiple days,” says Bird.

“Here, the couple invited guests to camp alongside them at Wolf Feather Honey Farm for the weekend and within the invitation suites by The Cozy Gnome, provided maps and a checklist of items guests would need to bring with them (e.g. flashlights) in order to enjoy camping to the fullest!”

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Map out the Fun

“Directional signs bring a little adventure into any camping-themed wedding, especially if guests will actually be camping, which mostly occurs at large venues where there’s lots to see and do and many vignettes to discover,” explains Bird. “Letting guests know where to go is a great way to create a fun, relaxed, and stress-free experience for everyone!”

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Make It Cozy

“There are tons of fresh takes on your typical campfire pit, like this vintage metal fireplace from Adore Folklore that you can incorporate into your guest lounges. Many furniture-rental companies have pieces like this you can rent to add an unexpected design element into your wedding decor that guests will love,” she suggests.

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Create a Forest-Friendly Backdrop

This wedding actually took place at a campsite. The floral designer transformed the rustic environment into a fairy-tale setting by adding white roses, baby’s breath, and a lot of greenery to the ceremony tipi and around the aisle.

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Set a Rustic Table

"Layering this tablescape design created a feast for the senses. From wood-slab chargers to handmade soap tied with flannel, every detail enhanced the rustic forest feel. The colorful glassware is our favorite pop, as the olive green enhanced all the greenery in the florals beautifully,” explains Natalie Good, owner of A Good Affair, who planned the design.

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Serve a Cup of Warmth

“Hot cocoa is a favorite among all ages and a perfect addition to your camping-themed wedding! Create a toppings bar with marshmallows, shaved chocolate, cinnamon sticks, and of course whipped cream. You could also add monogrammed mugs for each of your guests for a personal touch,” Good suggests.

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Don’t Forget the Flannel

"The perfect campfire accessories—cozy flannel wraps tied with twine and a wood tag hand-stamped with guests’ names and table numbers—make for a perfect camp-inspired escort display. It’s durable and functional—a winning combo,” she adds.

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Balance Rustic with Boho

This gorgeous wedding that took place at Under Canvas Moab exuded natural beauty and bohemian chic. The floral designer picked locally foraged blooms, simple glass vases, driftwood, and a rustic-chic white marble table from House of Yonder. It was the definition of effortless elegance right in the middle of the Utah desert.

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Take Inspo from Nature

The setting for this camp wedding was the breathtaking Under Canvas Yellowstone and the ceremony took place on the banks of the Madison River that runs right through the camp. Understandably, the couple took inspiration for their decor and cake from the rustic setting and, to add a pop of color, used a lot of bright florals and colorful glassware.

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Build Your Event Space from Scratch

This couple had an entire village built for their camp wedding in a forested area around Yosemite, California. They rented several tipis that were joined together and made up one huge event space. Low wooden tables, high candle holders, and oriental rugs made the interior more homey and relaxing.