13 Décor Ideas for the Perfect Barn Wedding

We've rounded up the best pro tips on how to throw a memorable barn celebration that will charm your guests

Dobrina Zhekova
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From the Rafters

"Edison bulb lights continue to be a popular choice among barn weddings. It plays off the industrial trends we’re seeing while still easily complementing rustic elements,” says Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services.

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Organic Aesthetic

Natural elements are the best way to accessorize a barn wedding. “This chuppah's frame is metal, but it is beautifully wrapped in branches, twinkle lights, magnolias, and an abundance of greenery for a cohesive look,” says Audrey Isaac of 100 Candles.

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Unexpected Illumination

According to Isaac, pendant lights made up of glass and metal are the perfect juxtaposition among shiplap walls. “Suspend them over your cake table or around your ceremony site. Don’t worry about trying to add a light bulb; just drop in a battery-operated candle to light up the night,” she suggests.

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Statement Palette

One way to make your barn wedding unique is to incorporate bold shades into your color palette. “Sometimes when couples are planning a rustic affair they tend to stay away from bright hues. But pops of color add an element of surprise and fun when paired with greenery and pillar candles,” Isaac says.

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Outside the Vase

There are many thoughtful elements that can come into play with your barn wedding, including floral vessels. “The unexpected pivot away from traditional glass holders will delight your guests,” says Isaac.

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A Dose of DIY

Homemade wedding favors such as jam or another spread are a great way to send off your guests. If you don’t have time to DIY all of them, ask your caterer to recommend a local business that specializes in homemade delicacies.

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Outdoors In

Barn weddings are all about presenting natural elements in an elegant way. Bring the outdoors in by dressing your tables with greenery, tuck a few flowers in for a pop of color, and add a soft glow with votive holders, suggests Isaac.

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Personal Touch

These beautiful vases are so easy to DIY and will bring a rustic vibe to your ceremony aisle. Simply wrap jute cord and lace ribbon around them, and put a garden flower (or in this case, a strawberry plant) in each.

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Leveraging the Architecture

The juxtaposition of the exposed wooden beams and rafters and the elegant iron and crystal chandeliers makes this event space so stunning. Let this be the focus and simply add a few floral centerpieces on the tables without overly complicating the decor with more lights or voluminous blooms.

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Salvaged Materials

Reclaimed wood is great for giving your centerpieces a little height while also offering rustic continuity throughout your reception. If incorporating into floral arrangements, you’ll want to connect with your florist first to discuss logistics and feasibility,” says Dana Briggs from Revel Event Design.

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Suspended Place Settings

Texture continues to be a big trend in weddings, and place cards are no exception. “Couples are getting equally creative with presentation, bearing in mind the overall theme for the day. With barn weddings, it’s quite popular to hang place cards on a simple clothesline and have them available while guests are mingling during the cocktail hour,” suggests Briggs.

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Rustic Welcome

“Welcome your wedding guests with a custom, barn-inspired greeting that sets the tone for your celebration,” she says. “If you’re working with a wedding planner, he or she can guide you on finding the right person for the job. Etsy is also a great spot to seek out options.”

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Barn-Inspired Seating

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box (and Pinterest boards). “Consider alternative seating for your ceremony. Couples expect to walk into a sea of white folding chairs, so surprise them with bales of hay instead. Just be mindful to cover the hay to avoid any mishaps with your guests’ attire,” suggests Briggs.