11 Beautiful Decor Ideas for a Garden-Inspired Wedding

Turn your wedding venue into an enchanted garden with these creative planner-approved decor tips

Dobrina Zhekova
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Sweet Seats

“Chairs make a big impact on your wedding design because there are so many of them in one room,” says Britny Drye of Love Inc. “So be sure to choose a style that's in line with your aesthetic. Cross-back chairs, Versailles chairs, and bentwood chairs are all great options for a garden wedding.”

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Mood Lighting

“With the right lighting, a garden reception can feel downright magical,” adds Drye. “Utilize the structural elements that are already built into the setting, such as tree branches, fences, and lattices, and hang lighting options such as lanterns, twinkly lights, and marquee lights. Be sure to use LED candles, as most garden venues won't allow wick candles.”

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Good First Impression

“Allow your garden theme to start the moment your guests arrive and find their placecard. Moss can be bought in bulk and is easy to work with—simply glue it with spray adhesive to your tray of choice and pin your cards in place,” explains Joan Wyndrum, co-owner of Blooms by the Box.

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Scene-Stealing Backdrop

This outdoor wedding had a unity-tree ceremony during which the couple watered a potted plant as a symbol of their marriage. The circular ceremony arch ties in perfectly with the greenery and makes for a picture-perfect backdrop.

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Floral Motif

“Garden weddings are all about color and texture! This is one instance where less is not more, and going for it can really pay off,” says Danielle Aspromatis of d'Luxe Events. “Seasonal flowers in bright colors will make your wedding look fresh, current, and timeless all at the same time.”

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Watercolor Wow Factor

“Set the tone for your garden celebration with hand-painted invitations giving your guests a sneak peek at your blooms. Watercolor is still making a splash in 2018 and we expect this trend to pop up in wedding-day stationery throughout the season,” Wyndrum adds.

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Garden Bed Chic

For a garden-inspired wedding that’s set indoors, try to bring the outdoors in. Use potted flowers in bright hues instead of cut blooms in vases to add a natural garden vibe to your tables. This is also a practical way to bring a pop of color to your venue instead of renting other decor elements like curtains or chair covers.

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Elegant Accents

“Having an outdoor event, keeping the cake simple with a mixture of textures is my favorite way to highlight the beauty of the event,” explains Elise Mac Lean of Oahu-based Up Country Creations. “Fondant isn't the best for outdoor events. Keeping it simple with buttercream and fresh florals is the way to go when having a boho or garden-themed wedding.”

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Hanging Garden

“Couples can get creative with how they display the escort cards at a garden wedding by utilizing the flowers, trees, and hanging plants that are already part of the setting,” suggests Holly Olsen of Perfectly Posh Events. “One great idea is to string escort cards from the hanging potted plants as a fun and whimsical way to display the seating assignments for guests. By simply using fishing wire or twine and mini clothespins, you can create an eye-catching display that also highlights the flowers in the garden setting”

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Cozy Underfoot

“The vintage rugs offer texture and warmth to the outdoor ceremony and give your eye a focal point when surrounded by so many beautiful moving parts. The colors complement the outdoors and florals to tie the ceremony together,” says Perkins Morgan of Paisley & Jade. They also bring a cozy, homey feeling to your wedding.

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Sun Protection

Here, a vintage flower cart turns into a parasol holder, so guests can shade themselves from the sun during the outdoor garden ceremony,” explains Olsen. “Consider using bright and colorful parasols to add a cheerful pop of color to the garden setting and accent the flower cart with greens and flowers.”