How to Clean Smarter with These A+ Robot Vacuums

Get a smart vacuum to literally do your dirty work

Nena Farrell
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A Smarter Sweep

Robots coming into your home might sound scary, but we’re not opposed to a little help around the house—especially when it comes to vacuuming.

Smart robot vacuums are growing in popularity and options to help keep your home feeling fresh. We’ve found that while they won’t replace the deep of a full vacuum (as they can’t catch little corners or see where a mess is across the room), they make for an easy way to keep any room feeling freshly swept through the week. Knowing you could voice-command the vacuuming to get started makes it possible to take care of other chores—or simply put your feet up—while the work gets done.

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For the Consistent Cleaner: Roomba

Roomba 960 Vacuuming Robot; from $899.99

It’s hard to imagine that any smart device has been around since 2002, but that’s what makes iRobot’s Roomba one of the most ubiquitous smart vacuums on the market.

Now with their latest model launched in 2016, the Roomba continues to do what it does best: mapping your home and navigating it using a camera on the device, noticing and focusing on messier areas with its vision camera, and knowing when it needs to head back to the home base to charge. The company also has an app, the iRobot HOME app, which connects with the vacuum and even allows you to connect it to smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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For the Vacuum Snob: Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye; from $999.99

Air is a powerful thing, and Dyson’s range of vacuums, air purifiers, and even hair dryers combine the power of their patented cyclone technology with favorite home devices. Dyson has now miniaturized that cyclone and tucked it into a small robot vacuum called the Dyson 360 Eye.

That technology is what makes this vacuum so powerful—and, in turn, one of the most expensive options on the market. The little vacuum can do a great job cleaning, but the cyclone also makes the device taller than the other robot vacuums out there, so it can’t get under low-hanging furniture. But, if you want to keep your home seriously vacuumed, this is the most powerful choice.

The 360 Eye is one of many devices that can pair with the Dyson Link app for remote control through Wi-Fi whether you’re in a different room or at the office. Those capabilities also allow for Dyson’s Amazon Alexa skill to work, making it possible to ask Alexa to start vacuuming.

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For the Kids’ Room: Samsung POWERbot Star Wars™ Edition

Samsung POWERbot Stormtrooper™ Edition, $599.990; Samsung POWERbot Darth Vader™ Edition, $799.99

If you’ve got young Jedis at home, they’ll get excited about keeping their rooms clean when it means chasing around Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. Samsung’s Star Wars™ POWERbots offer a fun twist on their home vacuum.

Each model has sound effects drawn from their character inspiration—the Darth Vader edition will play the Imperial March theme music while starting up, while the Stormtrooper mimics lines like “Freeze!” from the films. Grab a Darth Vader version (for an extra $200) to get Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to pair with your phone, smart speakers, and assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

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On a Smaller Budget: Eufy

Eufy RoboVac 11+; $249.99

If you’re looking for a more affordable option and less tech set-up, Eufy’s RoboVac makes for a great choice.

This vacuum doesn’t have any Wi-Fi capabilities, but just hit the power button on top of the vacuum for it to start cleaning your home. It comes with a remote to control its direction, or you can just let it vacuum on its own. The slim top and easy power button make it easy to start using right out of the box, but you’ll need to guide it if there are particular messy areas you’d like cleaned.