Your Smart-Home Entertaining Checklist

Make hosting easier than ever with a couple smart home upgrades

Nena Farrell
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The Smarter Host

No matter what kind of event it is, playing host requires juggling a ton of tasks, from pulling off the menu to keeping everyone’s drinks flowing. There’s tons of little things that can upgrade any affair, like mood lighting and instant music, and these smart home hacks will make those additions the easiest part of your night.
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Adjust the Lights

Noon Home (from $250) allows users to adjust the light in an entire space with a single touch. Swap out light switches for Noon’s smart switches to start creating easy lighting designs within the app, for settings like “Dinner” to focus on the dining room, and then a brighter setting for game night.
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Power the Decor

Name individual outlets with the Geeni Surge Smart ($40), and control each via an app. Plug holiday lights into one of the outlets and turn them on with a tap, instead of climbing behind the bookshelf.
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Answer the Door

Nest Hello’s ($229) audio component syncs with Google Home, letting you answer the door hands-free from near or far.
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Instant Tunes

Spinning party tunes on vinyl? The Sonos Play:5 speaker ($499) is compatible with modern and vintage turntables (with auxiliary cable outputs) so you can play all kinds of party and holiday favorites throughout the season.