7 Great Portable Speakers for Your Next Adventure

No matter where you’re headed, here are the best portable speakers to bring along for the ride

Nena Farrell
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For Anywhere: JBL Charge 3

This portable speaker has it all: it has great sound, it’s waterproof, and it even comes with a USB port to charge your phone while it streams music. It comes in a variety of colors and holds a long charge, even while it’s powering your sound and phone at the same time. It only needs a Bluetooth connection to get started, so you or a friend can easily take over the music, making it perfect for taking to game night, a day in the park, or an afternoon on the water. Slight drawbacks: It’s on the heavier side, and the circular panels vibrate with the bass, which may or may not be up your alley.
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For a Day Trip: UE Wonderboom

This little speaker makes substantial noise for its small size. It doesn’t have a deep bass sound, but it makes up for that with its waterproof exterior, variety of colors, and affordable pricing. The compact size makes it super portable for a picnic, beach day, or visit to a friend’s house, and the fun colors make it easy to pick one the kids (and even adults) will be excited to use. If you have two, give both speakers a long press at the same time to pair them together with the “Double Up” feature to create surround sound.
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For a Road Trip: JBL Trip

Camping in the backseat of your car, or have a vehicle with older speakers that just don’t do the trick? Add this portable speaker to your visor mount to get the sound you’re looking for without draining the car battery or depending on faulty speakers.
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For the Hiker: Bose SoundLink Micro

Another portable speaker with small size, but big sound, the SoundLink Micro has a rubber strap built in to easily attach it to a backpack, bike, or even the dog’s leash. This speaker can take a while to charge, but it holds it fairly well over time. It’s also waterproof, so it can handle the elements without skipping a beat.
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For the Instagrammer: B&O Play P2

Don’t let the delicate exterior fool you: B&O’s P2 produces powerful sound with a super modern look. Made by Bang & Olufsen, known for their high-end entertainment systems, the P2 takes that high design concept to the portable speaker market. The sound performs great, but it’s the sandstone and umber colors that make this speaker a standout addition to any picnic or outdoor adventure. Use the free app to customize different features on the speaker to take full advantage of its capabilities.
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For the Backyard Party: Ultimate Ears MegaBlast

The MegaBlast’s sleek stature produces sound quality you’d expect from a built-in system, but it just so happens to be a portable speaker. The handy charging disk makes it easy to keep it powered up for your next gathering, making it the perfect choice for a backyard party or outdoor movie night.
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For Fun Throughout the House: Riva Arena

The Riva Arena is more of a classic home speaker with smart features, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a boxy, minimalist design. But the add-on battery pack makes it portable, so it could move around the house or even hop into the carrying case ($29) to head to an event. It can be integrated into a larger system of multiple speakers, or just used solo. There are a few set-up options; we found that pairing it with Google Assistant is one of the easiest and fastest ways to go.