10 Delectable Gifts for Foodie Moms

Treat mom to drool-worthy edibles and fantastic kitchen gifts this Mother’s Day

Alejandra Bennett and Nicole Clausing
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Edgy Personality

When it comes to a quality kitchen knife, you can’t do much better—certainly not for the price—than this versatile version. The classic 8-inch blade sports a handle that may not look like much, but is subtly contoured to feel just right whether Mom likes a traditional grip or prefers to choke up on the blade like a pro. It’s durable enough to be the gift that keeps on giving for decades, but, remarkably, the Zyliss is also dishwasher-safe.

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Something Salty

Like wine or olive oil, not all salts are created equal. If Mom’s been making do with table salt all these years, open up a world of flavor to her with a curated selection of sea salts from around the globe. Once she has compared pink and mild Himalayan salt with the earthy red crunch of crystals from Hawaii, everything from popcorn to margaritas will be transformed.

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Mother’s Little Helper

If your mom is the kind of chef who appreciates a food processor, she probably has a 12- or 14-cup Cuisinart on her counter already. But does she use it for every little job? This small but mighty chopper is perfect for small or delicate foods that she has probably been mincing by hand all this time. Like its larger siblings, it goes in the dishwasher. Unlike them, this dynamo won’t take up much room in the kitchen.

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Tea Time

Encourage Mom to take a few moments for herself with a nice cuppa. Each box has enough tea for at least 30 mugs, and you can tailor both the frequency of deliveries and the variety of tea included. Mom can decide each month if she’s in the mood for black tea, pu’er, an herbal infusion, or a selection of all three.

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Say It with a Squeeze

On Mother’s Day, you should probably squeeze the oranges. Every other day of the year, your mom will appreciate this countertop juicer from Williams Sonoma. The press is big enough to handle everything from limes to grapefruit, and efficient enough to get every last drop of juice out of fresh fruit. We predict that it will quickly beat out any other appliance for the title of brunch MVP.

6 / 10

Slice of Love

Brianna Abrams’ Southern-inspired pies used to be available only to SoCal moms, but the cult-favorite L.A. pastry shop, which prides itself on using fresh, local fruit, now ships nationwide. One taste of the Dixie Classic Cherry pie, with its sweet, dark, whole cherries, and no one in the family will ever go back to the kind made with canned filling. Flavors do vary by season, although you can usually count on apple, blueberry, and chocolate being available.

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Olive You, Mom!

Give Mom a gift that is both useful and philanthropic with this gift box and subscription pairing from Food52, which supports olive farmers in Puglia, Italy. She will receive a handmade wooden box with a 30-liter tin of family-produced extra-virgin olive oil, a beautiful ceramic olive oil cruet, and a funnel. Plus, with the one-year subscription, you get a fresh bottle of oil every three months.
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Baker’s Dozen

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, you know that Tartine Bakery is masterful in the world of baked goods and breads. From Tartine co-owner Chad Robertson, this book is full of beautiful recipes that, with a little patience, Mom can re-create right at home.
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Keeping It Classic

Want to give Mom a kitchen essential that she’ll constantly be going back to? Look no further than Le Creuset’s classic enamel cast-iron dutch oven, which will take home-cooked meals to a whole new level. Made in France, this dutch oven is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to pick her perfect hue.
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The Fresher, the Better

If Mom loves to cook, help her keep the groceries local and fresh with a subscription to a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture service. In San Francisco, we love grocery delivery company Good Eggs, where you shop local and sustainable groceries that are then delivered right to your home.