10 Father’s Day Gifts for Music Lovers

Add to his record collection, kit him out for a jam sesh, or give him everything he needs to rock out in his living room with these chart-topping gifts

Mandy Ferreira
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Music Lesson

Whether he’s shredding nightly or always wanted to learn how to play, music lessons can be the perfect gift to help Dad pick up some new tricks and get out of his comfort zone. Check in at local music schools and see if they offer gift certificates. You can also cruise online listings for instructors who will give private lessons from the comfort of your dad’s living room. Even better, pick an instrument that’s new to you both and take lessons together!

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Top-Notch Instrument

It’s hard to beat the ease and portability of a well-built uke. Fender’s ukuleles are modeled after their favorite California haunts with the sound to fit. If dad doesn’t know how to play, he can take lessons through Fender’s app. When they aren’t being strummed, these beautiful instruments are best left on display.

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Live Performance

Snag a couple tickets to the reunion tour, take him to the best indie venue in town, or reserve seats at the symphony for an unforgettable evening. If you can’t find his favorite band or someone new you think he’d love, you can always get a Ticketmaster gift card so he can snap up tickets for his favorite band when they drop.

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Smart Speaker

This smart speaker combines the handy features of Amazon’s Alexa with a high-end speaker that fills the room with rich, deep sound. Dad can control the music with his voice so he never has to dig for the remote again. Sonos speakers connect wirelessly so he can jam out to The Greatful Dead or The Beatles from every corner of the house without interruption.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Skip the speaker and give him uninterrupted solo listening. These noise-cancelling headphones from Bose dynamically filter out sounds so he can get some peace and quiet or listen to jazz without the nearby leaf blower getting in the way. Three levels of noise cancellation mean he can safely soften the traffic noise on his walk to work without missing a beat before tuning it all out at the office.

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Vinyl Subscription

Help him grow his vinyl collection with exclusive records delivered to his door every month. Each record comes with original art prints and a cocktail recipe for the ultimate listening experience. Subscribers also get access to Vinyl Me, Please’s members-only online store for the best deals. If he doesn’t like the album that arrived, most of the subscriptions have unlimited swaps so he’ll only fill his shelves with his favorite albums.

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Hearing Protection

Banish end-of-show tinnitus with these slim, comfortable ear plugs. Unlike massive slugs of foam, the reusable Vibes Acoustic ear plugs are designed to lower the decibel levels to protect hearing without muddling the sound. The band still comes in clear and true so he can rock out with everyone else.

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Stylish Turntable

This turntable is not meant to be hidden away in a cabinet. The classically-styled turntable has more than just a pretty face--even the biggest audio snob would approve of its distortion-free sound. Personalize the Orbit to fit Dad’s taste and style.

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Custom Art

Whether it’s the selfie of the two of you smashed up against the stage at your first concert together or the band tee he’s kept since college or the ticket stub to his all-time favorite show, Framebridge will carefully encase it in a custom frame worthy of the most prominent spot in the house. Simply send in what you want framed and get an expertly mounted piece of art back. Can’t sneak the poster out unnoticed? Send him a gift card and help him choose a frame.

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Musical Socks

Help him tap his feet to the beat in style. From yellow submarines to all four band members, these socks put the wearer’s deep love of The Beatles on display "Here, There and Everywhere.”