10 Gifts for Dads with Green Thumbs

From unexpected seeds to handy tools, these gifts will help dad grow his best garden yet, whether he has acres or just a couple containers to call his own

Mandy Ferreira
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Spice Things Up

Pamper indoor gardeners with a beautiful recycled steel and bamboo window box full of spicy microgreens. Daikon radish, Japanese mibuna mustard, and Shungiku chrysanthemum seeds are easy to grow and jazz up any meal.
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Dirt Don’t Hurt

Healthy, rich soil is absolutely essential for a thriving garden. Transform kitchen waste into plant food with this top-of-the-line tumbling composter. The insulated barrel speeds things along in cooler climes and keeps pests out.
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Take a Seat

Give his knees and back a break with this handy garden seat. The lightweight stool has a built-in tool bag so everything is always within reach. When he’s done tending to his harvest, the seat folds up and easily stows away.
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Container Garden #Goals

Apartment dwellers can transform a patio or balcony into a lush garden with this rolling planter. Made in the U.S.A. from FSC-certified cedar, the planter will weather gracefully and last for decades. Wheels make it easy to follow the sun or move it to a new home when it’s time for a change of scenery.
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Make It Rain

This old-school galvanized watering can is gentle enough for seedlings. A detachable brass rose seamlessly changes the flow from a gentle rain to a thirst-quenching deluge.
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Living Decor

Upgrade his favorite plant babies with a planter worthy of their importance. This white-coated iron planter adds sophisticated style to any indoor or outdoor space.
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Year-Round Edibles

With 13 different seeds, this seed set is ideal for starting an edible garden from scratch or adding some new life to the plot. Pretty nasturtiums round out the veg-heavy set and add pollinator-friendly color thanks to their edible flowers.
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Recycled Pots

Transform humble newspaper into biodegradable pots for seedlings with this solid oak press. When they are ready to go outside, simply pop the whole pot in ground and watch them grow.
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Heirloom Tools

Flesh out his kit or give him a basic set that he can enjoy for decades to come. This bundle from Barebones Living (available starting in mid-May) comes with a spade, cultivator, and square hoe made from walnut and stainless steel to last for generations. He’ll also love the Hori Hori Ultimate Tool, soft and durable elk skin gloves from the Oregon Glove Company, and The Living Landscape.
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Harvest Hauler

This Paulownia wood-trimmed wire basket is a worthy vessel for his beloved harvest. Whether bringing in the ripest tomatoes from the garden or loading up at the local farmers’ market, this basket lets the dirt fall through while safely cradling vegetables, fruits, and herbs.