10 Best Healthy Pet Treats

Treat yo’ dog with these American-made snacks that are tasty and healthy

Stephanie Granada
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Good Dog Treat Box Sit. Stay. Slay Treat Pack

Royal pups deserve Queen Bey-status treats. These sassy, grain-free cookies are made with chickpea flour (packed with protein and other vitamins), all natural peanut butter, and whole milk. As simple—and delicious—as that. Browse the seller’s page for other personalized treats, starting at $12.95 for a box of 10.
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Pamperdoodle Elk Tendon

Not only is elk one of the most allergy-friendly proteins for furry friends, but also its tendons are fully digestible and satisfy the need to gnaw. Freeland, Washington-based Pamperdoodle’s elk tendons have no chemical washes, bleaches, hormones, or antibiotics. For doggies who are extra chew-happy, the bully sticks will hold up better and last longer. Plus, founder Maira Grove only works with free-range and grass-fed cattle ranchers.
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The Farmer’s Dog Subscription Meal Plan

For pet parents who are considering moving to a home-cooked diet, but struggle with finding the time or worry about delivering proper nutrients, subscription service The Farmer’s Dog hits the spot. After filling out a questionnaire to identify dietary needs, you can pick the right vet-developed meal plan for your buddy. The food is made-to-order in a human-grade kitchen using ingredients you would actually eat. Packages go straight to your door, and meals come in pre-portioned bags that just need to be cut open and served.
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Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Sweet Potatoes

Although the Rancho Santa Margarita-based Grandma Lucy’s built its name on organic, oven-baked dog treats (and they are darn good), our pups are partial to the Freeze-Dried Sweet Potatoes. These bites only have one ingredient, and like other Grandma Lucy’s snacks, they’re human-grade—yes, that means you can eat them too!
5 / 10

Open Farm Wet Cat Food Chicken & Salmon Rustic Blend

Open Farm takes it to the next level when it comes to creating quality food for pets. The team spent 18 months knocking on farmers’ doors to develop a clean and transparent supply chain, so they feel confident listing all ingredients—which include Certified Humane-raised meats and Seafood Watch-approved fish. The Canadian company was the first to launch ethically-sourced dry cat food in the U.S., and the wet food comes in BPA-free, resealable carton packaging (no cans!). Kitties will go nuts for the Chicken & Salmon Rustic Blend, which is beefed up with superfoods like coconut oil and turmeric.
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Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Batches

San Francisco’s Smallbatch recently expanded to Oregon, where they work with farmers and ranchers all over the Pacific Northwest to deliver locally-sourced raw foods—a diet many pet parents are moving toward—to the region. Though the Frozen Raw line is only available in stores, you can get the Freeze-Dried Batches, which come in five flavors, on Amazon. The wholesome sliders are made with no less than 78 percent meat and all-organic produce.
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The Dapper Dog Box Subscription

This is the ultimate-reward subscription service for doggies. Most boxes are stocked with two treats from conscientious brands—like Portland’s Cycle Dog and California’s Bobby + Bambi’s—two toys, and a chew or stylish accessory (hello, bandanas!). Feel good knowing that every box you receive is helping feed 12 rescue dogs. Order a tailored box for pups who are heavy chewers or have allergies, a special Birthday Box for special occasions, or sign up to be surprised with the monthly packages.
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Meowbox Subscription

Feline friends make a mad dash for Meowbox as soon as it arrives—maybe it’s the catnip inside, maybe it’s the care each kitty-loving rep puts into hand packing and wrapping each kit. All treats are made in the U.S. and most are grain-free, handmade, and/or single-ingredient. And, parents get a prezzie as well—cat-print socks, anyone?
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Steve’s Real Food Enhance DogNog

The benefits of goat milk for dogs are touted to range from helping with tummy issues (pups need probiotics too), relieving allergies (by fighting yeast), and curbing arthritis and joint pain (the milk is said to reduce inflammation). Steve’s Real Food, from Oregon, developed a line of goat milk enhancers packed with superfoods to supplement doggy diets. For treat time, the DogNog takes the cake. It’s got plenty of healthy stuff in it (turmeric, yucca, cranberries, whole eggs), and it’s slightly sweet. Pour it over their food, or serve it as a bedtime snack.
10 / 10

Cocotherapy Maggie’s Macaroons Coconut Apple Pie

The lauric acid in coconut oil is a powerhouse immunity builder. Not to mention, the oil helps makes coats shiny and eases digestion. Twin sisters Charisa Antigua and Carmina O'Connor created an entire business around providing nutritious coco-based treats for healthy canines. Their Coconut Apple Pie Macaroons are dehydrated—to retain more nutrients—and grain-free.