The home superstore is introducing toys and games for the younger set

IKEA Lustigt Kids Collection
Courtesy of IKEA
As with many errands, taking the little ones along on a trip to IKEA might not come without a bit of complaining, minor boredom (on their end), and a little bribery (like a treat from the legendary food court). 

But now, the Swedish furniture giant has introduced a new collection that might hold their interest. The brand has rolled out Lustigt, a limited-edition collection devoted to fun—or as the company puts it, “play for the sake of playing, children and adults alike.” The line includes low-key brain games, like a ribbon-weaving loom and origami, as well as more high-energy physical activities, like a light-up jump rope and a set for playing tag, complete with Velcro vest and balls. A team of adult designers collaborated with children to gather feedback and build each product accordingly, with a more imaginative and youthful perspective.

“In a time when both children and adults live a rather stressful existence, play involves undemanding moments when nobody needs to prove anything,” said Children’s IKEA team member, Amanda Lundqvist, in a statement. We’re all for that mentality.

IKEA reps say the collection has been trickling into stores already and will be available online this month. Time to let your imagination run wild!