6 Best Kits for Disaster Preparedness

These kits will help you tackle any natural disaster

Devin Collins
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Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit 4-Person Backpack, $108.2

Your family will be ready for anything with this four-person emergency backpack. Complete with survival blankets, ponchos, 2400-calorie food bars, water boxes, light sticks, and first-aid essentials, this grab-and-go kit provides enough supplies to sustain four people for the first critical 72 hours after a natural disaster. The pack includes a unique four-in-one emergency power station that can provide light, a siren, or enough power for either a two-minute call or 15 minutes of radio time, which could be crucial for staying up to date on important information.

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Mayday Deluxe Home Honey Bucket Survival Emergency Kit, $109

You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing this easy-to-store Mayday survival pack is in your household. Sealed in a compact and lightweight bucket, this four-person kit contains all the essentials needed for a safe evacuation from a house, including a gas and water shut-off tool in case of flooding, a 15’’ pry bar, and dust masks. The 5-in-1 whistle provides a waterproof container for matches, plus a compass, a signaling mirror, and a flint for fire starting. The water-purification tablets, seat liners, and chemical disinfectant are added bonuses for the bucket which doubles as a toilet (with an included seat).

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Survival Prep 4 Person Earthquake Evacuation Kit, $202.95

Become the ultimate survivalist with the evacuation kit that packs its own shelter. This survival kit duffle bag for four includes two tube tents and four body warmers for maximum comfort and coverage in those first 72 hours. If you’re worried about water, this kit comes also comes with a generous 48 pouches of Datrex water, filtered individual servings with five-year shelf lives. You’ll also get other beneficial tools like a 16-function knife and two hand-squeeze rechargeable flashlights.

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Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit 2-person, 3-day backpack, $39.89

Need an emergency kit just for two? Don’t let the compact size of this backpack fool you: It has enough materials to sustain you and a loved one for up to three days. The pack meets the three basics of disaster preparedness as recommended by the American Red Cross with two 2400-calorie bars, water, and emergency blankets. You’ll also get two ponchos, dust masks, and nitrile gloves for extra protection. And because it’s so small, it can easily be stored when camping, at home, or in the back of the car.

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Safe-T Proof 2 person, 3 Day Grab and Go Backpack, $42.94

Go even smaller with this one-pound emergency survival kit. Made for two, this kit is significantly smaller than most other disaster packs, making it perfect for your car or office desk. You’ll be fully prepared if disaster strikes, with 12 packs of purified water, light sticks, tissues, thermal blankets, first-aid kit, and whistle.

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Wise Foods 5-Day Survival Backpack, $49.99

Get military-like durability out of this camo backpack. With supplies for up to five days, this kit will sustain one person longer than most other disaster equipment. It contains 32 servings of gourmet entrees to keep you energized. The meals, like southwest rice and beans and creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, are prepared by adding water and heating over the backpack’s portable stove with fuel tablets. On top of essentials like a 42-piece first-aid kit, wet naps, pocket tissues, and poncho, you’ll even get a deck of cards to help pass the time.