Watch how to make this heartfelt DIY Valentine’s Day gift


These homemade Valentine’s Day gifts truly spread the love. While you can’t really go wrong with chocolate or flowers, you don’t have to be crafty or spend a lot of money to show you care. It only takes a few minutes to make simple paper hearts that are actually flowers in disguise. Seeds are embedded into the paper to create a little packet that’s ready to be planted and enjoyed in the months to come.

Start with red paper, or any other color you’d like your finished heart to be. Rip it into inch long pieces until you have a cup or so. Put the paper with a cup of water in the blender, and blend until smooth. Next, add 2 tablespoons of wildflower seeds. A mix is ideal, but your recipients’ favorite variety is also a great choice. Incorporate the seeds into the wet paper with a quick pulse or two.

Once it’s mixed you’ll need a drying net or another flat surface to let the paper harden. Scoop your paper pulp into a heart-shaped cookie cutter, making sure you smooth out the paper and get the wet pulp all the way to the edges. You can use your fingers to help move it into place.

Let the paper hearts dry overnight or until there isn’t a visible moisture left. What you do with your completed hearts is up to you. Place them on the front of a card, tuck them into a little love note, or put them on a skewer to add to a bouquet. These little hearts are also a great candy-free Valentine to share at school. No matter how you give them out, don’t forget to include instructions on how to plant your unique gift.

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