Refrigerator tubing curls quickly into stylish napkin rings

Sunset  – September 10, 2004

You can add an artful twist to your holiday tabletop with these striking metal napkin rings made from refrigerator tubing. The two coils on the top of each ring form a stylized S shape. For an aged patina, soak the rings in household bleach for two to three hours.

TIME: About two minutes per ring

COST: About $20 for eight coils

DESIGN: Sarah Caska


For eight napkin rings:

Making the napkin ring

Making the napkin ring


*124 inches of 1/8-inch copper refrigerator tubing (from a building supply store), cut into eight 15 1/2-inch lengths

*Wire snips to cut tubing

*Short piece of 1 1/2-inch-diameter cardboard tube




1. To make the central loop, or ring, bend the middle portion of a length of copper tubing around the piece of cardboard tube. Then use pliers to bend one end of the tubing clockwise into a 1-inch-diameter coil.

2. Using pliers, twist remaining length of tubing counterclockwise into another coil the same size as the first one. Repeat to make more napkin rings. Soak in bleach if desired.

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