Make a fun candy container for your favorite trick-or-treater

Give little goblins a Halloween container that not only holds a gallon of candy, it glows ― making ghosts, witches, and monsters more visible to drivers. And if you save the paint can’s lid, you can use the container to store sweets (if the candy hasn’t been gobbled up).


1. Buy empty 1-gallon paint cans, orange spray paint, and clear top-coat spray at a hardware or paint store, and purchase glow-in-the-dark paper and dry adhesive paper at an art supply store. (See page 167 for sources.)

2. Use sandpaper to lightly sand the paint cans, then spray them orange.

3. With a pencil, draw your design on the glow-in-the-dark paper and cut it out with scissors. To give the design a sticky back, press it onto the dry adhesive paper (follow package instructions).

4. Position and press your design on the can, then finish with one coat of the clear top-coat spray.

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