Sandra Ducheneaux of Etsy's Friedasophie shop

5 questions with jewelry maker Sandra Ducheneaux of the Friedasophie Etsy shop

Sunset  – April 22, 2011 | Updated May 16, 2018

Where do you get your design inspiration? Are there any hints of the Western lifestyle in your aesthetic?
I have been artistically influenced greatly by my two grandmothers who were fashion designers and jewelry collectors. My first piece of jewelry was given to me by my grandmother Frieda. It was a stunning amethyst necklace from the late 1800s. I also appreciate the Art Deco and Edwardian eras. I often get design ideas by watching vintage movies, attending a vintage fair or visiting the museum, but my style is for sure influenced by the Western lifestyle, since they way i work is very laid back and i love to travel for new inspiration too.

Where does the magic happen? Describe your work space.
I work out of my vintage 1920s house, where I live with my lovely husband and our sweet little cat Mausi. Around lunchtime I move over to my desk and work on my orders from the previous day. I typically work for about 4-5 hours on weekdays, and on weekends I usually design new pieces.

How did you learn your craft? Any advice for how aspiring artisans can get started?
I am a self-taught artist. I have always been artistically inclined since I was a child. I started out as a painter, then switched to sewing and now work on fashion design and my jewelry collection. My advice is to just go for it. If you have a great idea, then just try to create it. In the beginning it might not turn out as you hoped but with time and practice you will reach your potential. And just be yourself.

Describe your favorite or best piece. Did you sell it or keep it or gift it?
My favorite piece was a azurite mineral drusy stone that I fell in love with at first sight. I made the piece into a gold pendant necklace and almost kept it for myself but than decided to share it with my clients. I sold it to one of my regulars that I knew would treasure the piece. Luckily I bought two of the stones and kept one for myself.

What’s your favorite Etsy shop, other than your own?
I adore Modaspia. I own two of her dresses and never get tired of wearing them. I love her relaxed yet modern fashion style and her fabric colors are just stunning.

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