Meet the Denver Idea House: A Mid-Century Modern Renovation

If you've read the January issue carefully (and I know you did), you saw we're building the 2015 Sunset Idea House in Denver! The...

Joanna Linberg

Courtesy of Design Platform.

If you’ve read the January issue carefully (and I know you did), you saw we’re building the 2015 Sunset Idea House in Denver! The Mile-High City has a booming food, wine, and design scene, and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. We’re excited and proud to be there this year.

What you see above is the before of this year’s Idea House. It’s a mid-century modern home built in 1954 with only one owner. Working with the incredible design team at Design Platform, led by Jonas DiCaprio and Evan Butcher, we plan to remodel the home for how we live today. Megan Hudacky is on board as our interior designer.

Any time plans are made to update an MCM home, feelings can be mixed. It’s an iconic architectural style with so many great features–features worth saving. At the same time, the way we lived in our homes 60+ years ago isn’t the same as how we do today. That’s what makes this project so exciting. All of us working on the house are being totally honest about what’s worth saving (see the fireplace below–that’s Jonas to the left) and what should be changed to let this gorgeous house hold another lifetime’s worth of living. Hey, we even ran our plans by the man who built and lived in the home until just a few years ago. He’s pleased with what’s in store for it.

Photo by Joanna Linberg

So what is in store? We’re moving the kitchen from the front of the house to the back so we can open it up to the yard. We’re adding a second level with a master suite and a rooftop deck. We’re outfitting the basement with a playroom and a theater space. And we’re definitely saving that fireplace. It is my favorite thing.

But right now, they’re finishing the demo (see photo below). The Denver housing market is so hot right now, there was a 14-week wait for the building permits. But we have them now and will start framing the second floor soon.

Photo by Joanna Linberg

I’ll be back each month with an update. You can get real-time updates on Twitter and Instagram by searching #sunsetideahouse. The Sunset team and the building and design team will be posting behind-the-scenes pictures and news as the remodel gets underway.