Ask the Expert: Diana Schrage on Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures

We asked Diana Schrage, Kohler Design Center Interior Designer, for her expert advice on choosing the best bathroom fixtures.

We asked Diana Schrage, Kohler Design Center Interior Designer, for her expert advice on choosing the best bathroom fixtures.

I’m 5’11 and my husband is 6’5. It seems every tub on the market is made for short people. Do we have any choice besides having to scrunch up our knees? –Keri Thornton, San Diego, CA

Several Kohler bathtubs are extra spacious and designed to accommodate one or two bathers. The Sok bath, for example, is available in a 104” length with an overflow channel that allows for a deep soaking experience. A whirlpool bath is another option to consider. Round or square models, like the Riverbath or Consonance whirlpools, might be a better fit for you than a traditional rectangle.

Showering is my favorite part of the day, and mine just isn’t very relaxing. How can I make it more luxurious without completely remodeling? – Monica Wall, San Jose, CA

Integrating music is an easy way to enhance the showering space and help you relax, both at the beginning and end of your day. The Kohler Moxie showerhead can replace any existing showerhead in your home, and plays your music or podcasts wirelessly through a Bluetooth-enabled speaker. Another way to incorporate music into your daily routine is by installing waterproof SoundTile speakers in the wall or ceiling of your shower.

You can also upgrade the components inside the shower in order to create a more luxurious experience. By adding a shower column, like a Kohler HydroRail column, your single-outlet showerhead is converted into a customized two-outlet experience without the hassle of tearing apart your walls. With two available outlets, you can add a rainhead showerhead and a handshower, like Kohler’s Shift multifunction Ellipse handshower. These elements, especially when paired with WaterTile bodysprays or a steam generator, combine to deliver an easy at-home spa experience.

I’m seeing gold and brass fixtures everywhere online and I love it, but I worry it will look dated. Can you calm my fears or suggest a finish that is a style statement but maybe won’t date as fast? –Jessie Sloane, Boulder, CO

What we’re seeing with the new finishes is a softer look with a patina from day one. Compare the Brushed Bronze, French Gold, Polished and Brushed Nickel with finishes from a few years back and you will see how much more timeless these finishes appear. You should be confident in choosing any of these finishes as they provide a new look and fresh feel to an existing space without vying for all the attention – just enough attention to show you know what you’re doing!

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