As the seasons change, so do your needs in the entryway
The One Storage Item You Need in Your Entryway
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In an ideal world, we would all have an expansive mudroom with a surplus of storage options, but that’s likely not the case. Most of us are forced to hang coats off of doorknobs and have a pile of sneakers that have become a tripping hazard. Banish the clutter with the help of one simple tool. A minimal storage rack (like Umbra’s Leanera Coat & Shoe Rack, $120, that offers both hooks for coats as well as a spot for shoes will help solve the problem. Best of all, it will keep those shoes off the floor and out of the way of incoming (or outgoing) traffic. Using just a small amount of wall space, a vertical unit offers flexibility and functionality without overtaking your entryway.

Before putting this storage piece to work, assess the items that are taking up space in your entryway. It’s easy for unused outerwear and outgrown shoes to accumulate and take up valuable real estate. Hoodies and bulky sweatshirts should be stashed in a bedroom closet or dresser while heavier outerwear, scarves, and hats (the first things to come off when you enter or last things to put on before leaving the house) earn their spot in this space. The great thing about a vertical storage piece is that it has a set limit to how much it can hold, which will help keep clutter from accumulating. Think of this piece as an inbox: Only store in-rotation pieces here and “file” lesser-used items away in a bedroom or closet for longer-term storage.

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