Designer feed: makers gonna make

Do you ever get that urge to step away from the screen and do something--anything--that's not virtual? I've got the itch to make somethin...

Joanna Linberg

Tour this houseboat. (Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing)

Do you ever get that urge to step away from the screen and do something–anything–that’s not virtual? I’ve got the itch to make something this week. So far, it’s only been brownies, but I’m inspired by these Western makers to try something a little more advanced (and, um, permanent).

1. Stained glass is ready for a comeback and The Judson Studios in L.A. is leading the charge. This is gorgeous.

2. Just add color. That’s the big idea behind Colorado’s Color Cord Company. They make adding DIY punch to lighting almost irresistable.

3. For those who like change, can I recommend the leather pot from Headlands in Dana Point, California? This beauty is meant to take on a little patina as you use it.

4. The California Workshop is all about making furniture entirely without plastic that you assemble (and if you want, customize) at home. I previous fell for their lights, but this chair is tops, too.

5. Wowzers. Brendan Ravenhill designs the most interesting, magically-jointed lighting out of a studio in L.A. This new piece is a favorite.