12 Chic Pieces That Are Surprisingly from IKEA

These furniture items might look more upmarket, but they happily come at IKEA prices

Nena Farrell
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Finding Unique Scandi Style

There are some amazing classic IKEA pieces that almost every home seems to have—the faux sheepskin rug, the square bookshelves—but shopping at IKEA doesn’t always mean making expected choices. IKEA’s latest lines have items that go beyond generic, and we’ve chosen some of our favorites to add to your home.

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Stockholm Chair

This wide, wicker-style lounge chair would be great for the living room or the porch, and adds an earthy touch to any room. It’s one of the few IKEA pieces that already comes fully assembled, so there’s no construction here, just rattan style.

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Strandmon Wing Chair

The perfect office chair, found. This classic chair just happens to be from the Swedish maker, but looks like it belongs in your grandfather’s cozy library. We love it in leather.

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Kattrup Rug

Break free from the obvious black and white stripes of IKEA rugs past and go for Southwestern vibes in a rust palette with this stunner.

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Kvistbro Side Table

This unexpected minimalist take on a storage table gives you a complete view of what’s inside, so guests will always know where to find the blankets. Use it as a small coffee or side table in the living room, or even a bedside table to gather odds and ends.

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Nyponros Duvet Cover

Nothing’s more awkward than hearing “I have that same IKEA bedspread at home!” Go for this classic style of bedding that looks like it could be ultra luxe, but is really a $30 score.

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Boja Lamp

There’s a lot to love about IKEA’s rattan decor, and this table lamp takes the boho style to a whole new level. Plus, if IKEA’s iconic rattan pendant light isn’t a possibility in your space, this table lamp gives you similar style without requiring any ceiling hooks.

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Fado Lamp

Go for an ultra-modern look with this minimalist glass lamp—perfect for anything from offices to dorm rooms.

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Slojgran Pillow Cover

The unfinished paint strokes on this pillow cover make it the perfect accent piece for a neutral couch.

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Kopenhamn Rug

Skip plastic-bottomed rugs and go for a softer touch with these handmade, 100% wool rugs. The dark gray patterns make it an easy add to living rooms and bedrooms.

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Parlband Tealight Holder

Did you know that IKEA is the best place to buy a bulk set of delicious-smelling tealights? And now you can show them off in style when you grab one (or more!) of these geometric metallic tealight holders.

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Ragkorn Pot

IKEA continues to rock rattan with this woven plant pot, with an invisible plastic interior to keep the pot waterproof and long-lasting.