13 Great Gifts for Your Coworkers

Show your thanks and bring some end-of-year cheer to the office

Mandy Ferreira
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Lula's Garden Jewel Garden

Add life to a sparse cubicle with this succulent trio that comes perfectly wrapped in a planter gift box. The desk-worthy garden comes complete with a care kit to keep the petite plants thriving long past the holidays.

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Sleek Bookends

These sustainable baltic birch and ash bookends keep order in the office. Made in Los Angeles, each one is printed with a modern pattern that’s worthy of a shameless shelfie.

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Goodbye, Sad Desk Lunch

Indulge the foodie on your team with a salt tasting set from Jacobsen. The Oregon-harvested sea salt can punch up any meal with flavors like black garlic, pinot noir, and habanero. A wood stand makes it easy to keep them at hand or set them on display.

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Cup of Joy

Vanquish the woes of the always-empty coffee pot with this sleek, hand-operated espresso maker. The Minipresso pumps out expert brews without batteries, power, or long lines. The lightweight, compact machine is just at home in the office as it is out on the trails.

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Good Times

No workspace is complete without a photo or two. Put the tape and thumbtacks out of work with a minimalist photo stand from Artifact Uprising. The solid brass and natural cork stand is sturdy enough to hold thick, premium prints.

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Artful Supplies

Stapler envy is so 1999. This sculptural tape dispenser will be the talk of the office with its sublime design that doesn’t sacrifice function.

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Organized Cool

It might sound crazy to give your coworker something they can grab out of the supply closet, but these colorful paper clips are truly gift-worthy. The extra large clips can wrangle large stacks and add polish to documents.

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There’s an App For That

Celebrate the stationery lover, the precise note taker, or the abundant list maker with an old-school notebook. The clever cover comes in three colors, and you can choose from a lined journal, an address book, or a planner. Dot the I’s with a customized inner cover with their name or photos.

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Camp Cup

From the campfire to the water cooler, this 14 oz. insulated cup transitions seamlessly from a weekend adventure to a productive day at work. A comfortable handle and clear lid make it easy to sip on the go.
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Office Survival Guide

Don’t forget a little something for your intern. Molly Erman’s book breaks down everything you need to survive the modern workplace. Part productivity hack, part “how to be a good co-worker” manual, recent additions to your staff will appreciate the inside scoop on what it takes to succeed.

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Scent of the Outdoors

Bring the great outdoors in with these national park candles. Each hand-poured, lead-free candle captures the smell of an iconic place–the redwood, bay laurel, and sea salt of Redwood National Park or the cedar and black sage of Yosemite’s Firefall. Even better, the coconut wax candles are made in California and come in 100 percent recyclable packaging.

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Off the Wall

This USB- or battery-powered lightbox is the perfect canvas for clever sayings, hilarious inside jokes, and accomplishments worthy of celebration. Don’t forget to include the letters and emojis to fully deck it out.

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Ice Ice Baby

This classic standby is sturdy enough to withstand daily use, from coffee to morning smoothies. The insulated stainless steel bottle keeps hot drinks steaming for 19 hours or keeps liquids ice-cold for up to 50 hours. The narrow base fits in most cup- and water bottle-holders so it’s good to go anywhere.